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The Minister of Health of the province of Buenos Aires, Nicholas Kreplak, He said that the pandemic is going down and that the ruling party is working to guarantee “absolute attendance” in the classrooms. In this context, he argued the importance of guaranteeing that all Buenos Aires residents use “quality masks”.

“We are working to be able to have absolute presence. Now with the vaccine it is not essential that we guarantee the distance, but we have to guarantee the use of a quality mask. Since the first grade with a chinstrap,” he said this Sunday in a dialogue with Rayos X on Radio 10.

The Axel Kicillof official stated that the provincial government aims to provide the boys with a quality mask. “We have to try to change the cloth mask for a quality one,” he said.

Although Kreplak highlighted that there were 33% fewer cases in the province than the previous week and assured that there are fewer infections, he was cautious with the start of classes. “You have to see how things evolve with 5 million people moving with the start of classes,” he said. And he added: “Hopefully a continued decline will begin. We are already working on the beginning of classes so that there are no new infections due to the massive circulation of people.

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School; chinstrap; college; kids; girls; gymnastics; societyMarcelo Aguilar

Along these lines, he also highlighted that education workers can freely access the reinforcement of the Covid-19 vaccine. And he assured: “We are going to vaccinate the boys at the schools. We are going to make a very big effort starting in March. We are working on a protocol to have absolute attendance.”

The governor Axel Kicillof had expressed last week: “We are preparing for the start of the school year. We want to have a neat lap. Let’s be clearer: vaccinated. There will be a free third-dose vaccine for teachers and assistants at all educational levels.

The school year will begin on March 2 and end on December 22 in this territory. The school universe of this province includes 5.2 million students, 420,000 teachers and 80,000 assistants.

As published by LA NACION, A study of researchers at Duke University, in the United States, determined in a simple way the effectiveness of chinstraps in terms of their usefulness to mitigate the risk of infecting others.

The scientists measured the amount of droplets that are released when speaking without any protection, and then counted the particles that are emitted when using different types of chinstraps. To do so, the person had to say “Stay healthy people!” five times. with different types of masks in a box pierced by a laser.

The conclusions showed that N95 masks were the most capable of filtering expelled particles. surgical masks three hats, and two-layer cotton and one polypropylene masks are also effective.

On the other hand, neck gaiters offered the least protection. In fact, they produced more respiratory particles than not wearing a mask, since the material broke large droplets into smaller droplets. Other chinstraps that turned out to be less effective were the scarves and the cloth chinstraps fabrics .

Other masks studied were one-layer and two-layer cotton masks, with different shapes and sizes. Although they were not found to be as effective as the N95 and surgical, the amount of emitted particles decreases considerably. The researchers caution that the study is limited, as the effectiveness of the mask may be determined by the shape of the head and the fit of the mask.

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