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as I had anticipated THE NATION, next February 14, Subway 95.1 FM will premiere its 2022 programming. Among the novelties is the incorporation of Nancy Pazos and her Russian roulette as the first morning journalistic program from 6 to 9, where he will be with Lola Cordero and team. For the second morning, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., the arrival of Laurita Fernández and Gabriel Schultz is expected together with Javi Ponzo and Fernando Lavecchia with Decimeter.

For the afternoon, from 13 to 17, there will be the already consecrated A perfect day, with Cayetano, Dalma Maradona, Martín Reich and Cayetina, which will begin its second season. For the return, from 17 to 20, Diego Scott, Loló Muñoz and Rama Pantorotto propose a great radio show under the name of Always late. In the evenings there will be Pablo Rojas, with The night, from 19 to 22, and from 22 to 4 metrodance with Festa Bros, Zucker, DJ Paul, and guest DJ’s.

On Saturdays, José del Río and Martina Rúa do One more time your weekly magazine, from 8 to 10; at that time Tania Wedeltoft and Mariano start with You know yes. On Sundays, from 9, the Coffee Sommelier, Nicolas Artusi, leads coffee of the day, and then, starting at 11, Danny Miche and Martín Reich lead Turn on the game: sports, music and gastronomy. On Saturdays and Sundays, from 1pm to 6pm, Naty Grego will Weekender, a musical proposal with information on everything that happens in the big city to accompany the best moment of the week. In addition, on Saturdays from 18 with Weekender Top Tracks and a review of musical novelties worldwide; at 20:00, Zuker Attack, led by Javier Zuker; at 22, BROTHERS by Festa Bros; already at midnight Selection presented by DJ Paul AR.

After her abrupt departure from Rock and Pop, Nancy Pazos confirmed what her job destiny will be in 2022
After her abrupt departure from Rock and Pop, Nancy Pazos confirmed what her job destiny will be in

Hernán Castillo returns to television and radio

After being released from TNT Spots where he was hosting the program Hawks and Doves Y TNT Sports Continental In duplex with Continental AM 590 radio, the sports journalist Hernán Castillo returns to the media.

as far as he could tell THE NATION, Castillo closed an agreement with the October Group, specially in The nine on Sunday nights, with permanent appearances on the IP news signal, on radio La 750 AM, on Página/12 and capsules on all radios and social networks, what today is called multiplatform 360.

Regarding the cycle The nine, it will be a post date program of the championship of the Argentine Soccer Super League, with a staff of journalists specialized in football, where the idea of ​​it is that it also have its Qatar 2022 world version.

On the other hand, we must take into account the alliance that Grupo Octubre has with Amazon Prime Video, where a series will be made with the intimacy of the Argentine team, telling the day to day from the inside, starting in the next few days until arriving in Qatar. and everything that the World Cup leaves behind. Castillo will be from the series and from the group for the soccer event.

After his departure from TNT Sports, Hernán Castillo will continue his journey with Grupo Octubre
After his departure from TNT Sports, Hernán Castillo will continue his journey with Grupo Octubre

Feinmann with date and staff in Miter

Without a doubt, one of the radio passes of this 2022 is that of Eduardo Feinmann from radio Rivadavia AM 630 to Miter AM 790. The LN+ journalist will finally occupy the most important place in radio prime time after the departure of Marcelo Longobardi .

It will arrive at the leading AM next Monday, February 7 -that day he will also do it in the news signal- with Someone has to say it daily, from 6 to 10. The also lawyer will be accompanied by the staff that Longobardi had in recent years at that station in Every morning. They are María Isabel Sánchez in the locution; Leandro Buonsante in sports; Rolo Villar in humor; Dr. Alberto Cormillot on health issues; and Gabriel Liezzi with Justice.

Who will not be in the game is the economic journalist Willy Kohan, so the economic column, after some refusals, will be in charge William “Willy” Laborda. meanwhile this week Every morning was left in charge of María Isabel Sánchez after being replaced in January by Jorge Fernández Díaz.

Eduardo Feinmann will lead the mornings of Radio Miter
Eduardo Feinmann will lead the mornings of Radio Miter

Theater in Radio Del Plata

From Saturday, February 4, from 12 to 13, the Del Plata radio air adds a new program of shows and cultural events. The same one that was already part of AM 130, is called Plan C and it is the proposal led by theatrical producer and journalist Damián Sequeira. In addition to notes with people from the artistic world, the strength of the program is to mark the federal agenda of proposals for the public throughout the country, looking beyond Buenos Aires, reviewing what has happened and what will come in the theater field.

From Miter to Rivadavia

After leaving Radio Mitre, where he was driving One Day Ahead Sunday, Alejandra Gallo joined Rivadavia as an economics columnist, since February in the Chronicle program of an announced afternoon with Nelson Castro from 5 to 7 pm.

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