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Cancun, QR. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported that he is seeking an agreement with the company Calica to turn into a tourist attraction the immense sascabera from which for years stone material was extracted from the subsoil of Playa del Carmen to be exported to the United States.

“It turns out that they gave that company two concessions, 20 years ago, to extract material and take the material to the United States by ship; they delivered the permit on November 30, 2000, two days before the new government (of the PAN) came in, that is, (Ernesto) Zedillo was there; They gave him the concession, they dig and leave the tunnels, the term has expired, both for the mine and for use by the Port, ”explained López Obrador.

The material bank of said company is located in Carmen beach, where in 2021 the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) closed the plant, which is called ‘Sac Tun’.

“Fortunately, the owners of this company are responding well. It is a famous American construction company, I don’t remember its name now, “added the president.

The company is called Calica, with Mexican capital, although the president did not specify that it is associated with the American Vulcan Materials Company.

“It’s like destroying paradise, and we’re seeing this because maybe the owners don’t even know and in one of those they even participate in environmental change conferences. So, this is where they take out the United States. And so are other cases there, a mess,” he added.

Lopez Obrador He announced that the company sued Mexico when the concession to continue extracting stone material was not renewed. “They are asking for compensation, I don’t know, of millions of pesos, that is, we still have to pay them.”

He announced that they are proposing that the turquoise water that emanates from the water table due to the deep excavations of the mine be rehabilitated as a tourist area, as “natural pools, seeking an agreement, but that it no longer be destroyed and that they withdraw their demand, because It has a legal basis.”


At the time, the alderman of Solidarity, Marciano Toledo, announced that the Vulcan lawsuit against Mexico in 2020 was for an amount of 500 million dollars after the cancellation of the permits to continue exploring for stone material.

It should be noted that although Calica is practically in Playa del Carmen, these lands are still part of the continental zone of the municipality of Cozumel.

The appeal would have been filed with the International Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes.

The Solidarense councilor assured that the company intended to expand the mine to the properties called La Adelita and El Corchalito, adjacent to the Sac-Tun complex.

Calica in association with Vulcan have exploited the subsoil of that area since 1986.

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