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Gerardo Martino’s self-criticism regarding the bad decisions on the field, the lack of creativity and dynamics of the team goes in the direction of the decline of his results in the last almost four years directing the Mexican National Team. No matter what happens in this Qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, it is a fact that a devalued version of the technical director will come out.

This newspaper consulted agents of coaches and players, and Underdata, a datascouting advisory company. In the analysis they agree that Tata Martino arrived in Mexico with a great poster of experience and will leave with statistics that will make it difficult for him to position himself with the economic value that the Mexican Soccer Federation (FMF) deposits him.

According to calculations by the consulting firm Underdata, the Mexican National Team is below the scoring expectation in the qualifying phase. In the last 10 games, the Tricolor should have added 20 goals and in contrast, they got 13. Luis Fernández, director of the data company explains what the main gaps in Martino’s strategy have been, which now have him under the questioning of his effectiveness.

First, the lack of internal competition, for example, the average age of the goalkeepers he has called is 36 years old and leaves out Carlos Acevedo, a 25-year-old Santos Laguna goalkeeper, who due to his statistics could put pressure on Memo Ochoa and Alfredo Talavera.

As for opportunities, the example is Alexis Vega, who had a great performance against Jamaica and has not had starting priority. As a coach, Martino sends a signal that he has established players and cases like Vega will come in later. There is no internal competition environment that helps improve performance.

Another issue is that Martino does not show flexibility and makes few tactical changes, he does not seek to plan the matches according to the rival and the National Team becomes predictable.

The coach’s self-criticism appeared after the game against Costa Rica with words like: “it was a bad night for everyone, even my decisions too, from the beginning to what I did during the game (…) We have lost freshness, especially As for the idea of ​​having possession of the ball. We had more possession of the ball, but it was not very productive when it came to scoring goals (…) We must see how the team can offer the freshness and dynamics that we need in the following games”.

Mexican media have reported that Martino, 59 years old, was signed for 2.2 million dollars net annually, which is one million more than what his predecessor Juan Carlos Osorio earned and the agreement is valid until December 2022. One of the agents consulted by El Economista and who requested anonymity, underlines what would be negotiated in the event of the termination of the coach’s contract.

“In any termination of a technician, the rest of the contract is paid, and from there the negotiation begins between the National Team and the technician so that it is not the entire contract and they reach an agreement. But in the event that they do not agree and do not want to pay the rest, they are already legal issues and people from FIFA can enter or go to the TAS Court ”.

After Mexico, Martino’s past will no longer weigh so much economically, with his business card as former coach of the Paraguayan National Team (2007-2011), of the Barcelona club (2013-14), of Argentina (2014-2018), among other Argentine and Paraguayan clubs and the Atlanta United of the MLS.

Underdata finds that coaches are even more likely to have their job opportunities tied to results, and especially the most recent ones.

“Based on the latest results and the lack of ability to reinvent and readjust, we can predict that when the process of the Mexican National Team ends, they will not have a contract for even half of what they charge with Mexico and surely, they will not manage in Europe, because they pay a lot of attention to this type of thing and how up-to-date the coaches are”.

On February 2, Panama appears at the Azteca stadium to try to snatch Mexico’s third position in the Octagonal. Only a point separates them before the clash begins.

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