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The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) is preparing to deal with possible contingencies in the national electricity supply, after frosts are expected in Texas and given the experience of last year, in which 13% of the country’s users, some 4.7 million customers, were left without electricity, which in turn led to losses of more than 20,000 million pesos for the CFE.

This Monday, the state-owned electricity company reported that together with the Secretary of Energy has designed the necessary strategies and preparations to meet and guarantee the supply of electricity throughout the country in the face of possible low temperatures that are estimated to occur in Texas, derived from a polar vortex, from February 4 to 10.

“Although it is unlikely that the climate event of February 2021 will be repeated, the CFE has taken the necessary measures to guarantee the continuity of the electricity service without affecting its finances,” the company said in a statement.

To this end, the CFE and the Ministry of Energy have implemented a group of early warnings in the event of the unavailability of continental gas due to the freezing of pipelines in U.S, to monitor weather conditions, and to have demand forecasts six days in advance.

If necessary, he said that he is in a position to have the maximum availability of plants with alternative fuels and energy sources. There are also preparations for the optimal operation of the National Transmission Network and the General Distribution Networks, as well as economic coverage.

The operational and strategic areas of the CFE are ready for an unforeseen event –Planning, Operations, Finance and CFEnergy– and there is constant coordination with the Secretary of Energy, the National Center for Energy Control, Petróleos Mexicanos and the Independent Energy Producers that they sell to the state electricity company.

Last year there was a lack of natural gas supply from Texas due to the low temperatures that were recorded, a phenomenon that caused the stoppage of a generation capacity of 5,323 megawatts per hour in the national transmission system, which in turn produced an imbalance that left 4.7 million CFE clients without energy and the loss of 20,000 million pesos for the CFE, which is the provider of last legal resort in the country.

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