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The new Housing Law, which will now go through the parliamentary procedure, will establish the indefinite classification of protected housing and will always guarantee, at least, a period of thirty years for its disqualification.

The project, approved this Tuesday in the Council of Ministers, will establish basic conditions at the state level that define a public protection regime of the subsidized homes that are promoted on qualified reserve land, while in the rest of the cases, it will be set a disqualification term of thirty years.

The text informs that the communities will be able to establish their own periods for disqualification, which They can never be less than thirty yearss nor may they be applied to dwellings built on protected land reserves. Currently, each autonomous community establishes its own disqualification periods.

Housing for rent, apartment for rent EUROPA PRESS (FILE PHOTO) 2/15/2020

The bill incorporates a transitory provision confirming that the law will apply to “all dwellings qualified with some public protection regime regardless of the date of its definitive qualification”. This measure will not be retroactive, as it does not suppose a personal benefit for the subject, as sources from the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda have confirmed to Efe.

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