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During the first day of Expoagro 2022 edition YPF Agro, which will take place from March 8 to 11 next at the San Nicolás fairgrounds and autodrome, the distinctions corresponding to the 7th edition of the Ternium Expoagro Awards.

It is worth remembering that 70 developments from Santa Fe, Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Tierra del Fuego, Tucumán, CABA, Santiago del Estero were presented and 17 were distinguished.

According to the organization, on Tuesday the 8th, in the afternoon, among other companies, Plantium and Piersanti will receive their respective awards. It is a Gold Medal, plus Mention for Industrial Design and Good Agricultural Practices, to Plantium. The first in the Robotics Sector for the development of Terran-Multipurpose Autonomous Agricultural Platform- and the second in the Plant Protection Sector for the development of OcuWeed-Selective Application System using Artificial Intelligence.

“Silver Medal and Mention for Industrial Design will also be awarded to Piersanti Platforms in the harvest category, recognizing the development of regulation of the cutting angle of the flexible system electrically without changing the angle of the head”, indicated from Expoagro.

“Having won allowed us to continue learning about these technologies, and we are working to bring them to the market in a commercial stage,” said Fermín Cajén, Plantium Project Manager.

He added: “Many more people began to learn about the products and internalize them. We gain more reputation as a company and it helps us to consolidate ourselves with all our products”.

For Cajén, “there are no products on the market with these characteristics”. He cited that the development that draws the most attention is the Terran Robot. “This will allow the producer to carry out agricultural tasks without being on the machine”, He said. The control is remote. The artificial intelligence applied in OcuWeed makes it more efficient and extends its use in various tasks throughout the year.

Meanwhile, Valeria Piersanti, commercial manager of Piersanti, pointed out the participation in the awards. In the case of the firm, the award went to the Draper DF 2000 for its system for adjusting the cutting angle of the flexible system electrically, without changing the angle of the head.

“The benefit is very important. It generates visibility for us and helps us position new products. In addition, it is a way of presenting it in the market with greater speed and efficiency”, he pointed.

“The definition of our company is to constantly seek ways to innovate, improve what we have, to give more utility and benefit to the producer, to our customers,” he said.

As reported, at Expoagro 2022 the award-winning developments will be exhibited in the space adjacent to the Ternium stand and, in addition, those who obtained the Gold Medal win 75 m2 at Expoagro 2023.

“The Ternium Expoagro Awards are always motivating since it is an opportunity to put Argentine agribusiness in a demanding global showcase. The companies that receive such a distinction are left with the possibility of being present at Agritechnica, the select sample of the German Society of Agriculture (DLG). The event organized by Ternium and Expoagro, in collaboration with the DLG, seeks to make visible the ingenuity and creativity of Argentine inventors and developers in the sector”, the organization stated.

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