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Queretaro, Qro. The fourth spike in infections by Covid-19 slows down the recovery of small businesses in the state.

The decrease in sales and labor absenteeism due to infections reduce the productivity of micro businesses, influencing their recovery to pre-pandemic levels to be postponed, explained the president of the Querétaro delegation at the National Chamber of Commerce in Small (Canacope). Sergio Martinez de Leon.

The chamber estimated that at the end of 2021 sales levels close to the periods prior to Covid-19 would be resumed; however, the impact of Omicron has delayed the projections, predicting that it will be in the second quarter of the year when there will be better conditions for the recovery of the sector.

Although it was expected that in January there would be a decrease in salesAs occurs every January slope, he added, the fall was more pronounced. Until the first days of January, Canacope stores were on average at 95% of the sales they had before the pandemic.

Despite the time taken to resume pre-pandemic sales, the expectation is that the effects will not be as strong and influence the fact that a large percentage of the population already has a complete vaccination list.

“(The fourth wave) does delay (the recovery), but it is not something catastrophic; With a pandemic or without a pandemic, January is always a bump, people are worn out by the holidays and Three Kings’ Days, we had already planned for this bump, sales haven’t dropped that much, it’s 15% lower, it does drop a little, but we continue on this road to recovery, it could have been worse,” he declared.

The businessman stressed that work absenteeism and to the fall in sales is added the impact of inflation, as another element that reduces consumption.

“We are seeing it hard in the sense of sales and inflation, but we anticipate that by February 14 (sales will increase) and with the third vaccine booster (conditions will improve),” he explained.


The sector trusts that for the first fortnight of February there will be more favorable epidemiological conditions in the state and a good scenario for sales related to February 14 (Day of love and friendship).

Therefore, there is confidence that, after the effects of Omicron, consumption will improve and that 2022 is projected as a year of growth for trade.

In the third quarter of 2021, the state’s tertiary activities grew 7.1% compared to the same quarter of the previous year, ranking ninth among the 32 states.

The accumulated from January to September of that year shows that tertiary activities grew 6.3% in relation to the same period of the previous year, specifies the Quarterly Indicator of State Economic Activity (ITAEE) of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

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