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Busy in recovering for the Presidency the faculties that make it difficult for him to govern and were taken away for 35 years, the Executive miscalculated the eventual damages of the tolerated quarrel between moderate and radical morenistas.

They underestimated the radicals, with powerful allies in the Palace and do not want to give up a line of their agenda, although they have put President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in quite a few predicaments.

The process of presidential succession requires weaving many consensuses, so that the entire official party, without exceptions and without grumbling, supports the presidential candidate.

The presidential succession requires the support of the entire official party to whomever the presidential candidacy is delivered on the 24th, but if they do not resolve the internal dispute, there will be disorder and they will threaten the process and with it even the health of the Republic.

Havana of peace between Bucareli and the IP?

Those fortunate enough to have sources in the National Palace assure that, although many do not want to believe it, the Government of the Republic does not want to spend the second part of its mandate in litigation with the IP.

One more task for the head of the Interior, Adán Augusto López, who will have a hard time convincing the main businessmen that much of what is said in the Treasury Room is nothing personal.

To convince them, he will have to prove to them that, as in the sixties, everything will be declarations; but if hostile actions are added to the aggressive narrative, the gap between IP and Government will widen.

When talking they are not always going to listen

The dialogue that fought so hard, with all the good will of Santiago Creel Miranda, but close to the consultation for the revocation and the electoral campaigns, the regime seems to have reached a turning point.

Harsh statements, appointments postponed at the last minute, snubs that indicate that the ruling party has decided that as of this February they will begin tours and campaigns for the federal cabinet to explain its truth throughout the Republic.

It seems that, regardless of the sayings, the decision in the ruling party has decided that dialogue with the opposition is a waste of time, if they will not grant them anything, because they are already in the electoral campaign stage. They will give no quarter. Did you hear Marko Cortes?

Swirling Notes

At the end of the day it turned out that there was a certain quid pro quo for the conciliation between the Morenoites in the Senate, since the Governor of Veracruz announced that he had already sent an initiative to repeal the law of “outrages on authority”… False starts, They call those that occur in athletic races. The Foreign Ministry officially confirmed that the Mexico-United States meeting will be held on the Bicentennial Understanding on security and actions in Mexico by US agencies due to the criminal events in Quintana Roo… The Ministry of Finance, like Khrushchev in the UN session, nyet told resources to the INE for the consultation for the Revocation of the Mandate… With the wisdom of almost three centuries ago, Talleyrand said: “No one can suspect how many political idiocies have been avoided thanks to the lack of money”…

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