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An irresistible comedy that brings together Hollywood’s biggest stars, a teen thriller based on a popular novel, and the premiere of the long-awaited sequel to vikings are just some of the offers Netflix Add this month to your catalog.

Here, a review of the main series that arrive in February:

MurdervilleLARA SOLANKI/NETFLIX – MT_103_081921_LS_0053

Based on the British sitcom, Murder in Successville, created by Andy Brereton and Avril Spary, this month comes to Netflix the North American adaptation starring Will Arnett, who is also one of the executive producers. The story focuses on Terry Seattle (Arnett), a somewhat eccentric detective who receives the help of famous figures from Hollywood and the sports world to try to solve criminal cases. in what the streaming platform describes as an “improvisational comedy”. One of the attractions of Murderville, consisting of 6 episodes, it is the appearance of different celebrities in each of them, from the host and comedian Conan O’Brien to none other than the actress Sharon Stone.

“People liked the idea that celebrities would show up, they wouldn’t have to learn lines and they could just be themselves and just take a walk,” Arnett told The Hollywood Reporter about the new series that has Haneefah in its regular cast. Wood, Lilan Bowden, and Phillip Smithey. Available from February 3.

sweet magnolias
sweet magnoliasNetflix

In full confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic, in May 2020 Netflix added Sheryl J. Anderson’s romantic drama, sweet magnolias, based on the novels by Sheryl Woods. production became an instant success, the ideal fiction for a good dose of escapism through light plots but commanded with freshness by its three protagonists. In July of that same year, the streaming platform renewed the series, but precisely because of the Covid, its filming was delayed more than expected, until finally February 2022 was the official date that was reported regarding the return of Maddie (Joanna Garcia Swisher), Helen (Heather Headley) and Dana Sue (Brooke Elliott), the three inseparable friends who live in the quiet town of Serenity, in South Carolina.

The first season focused on both the labor conflicts of the protagonists and their love ties, not without obstacles. On its return to Netflix, the production will delve into the consequences of the surprising ending of its first installment, in which an accident will unfailingly alter Serenity and its inhabitants. Britney Spears’ sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, will reprise her character as Noreen, in the company of roles commanded by Dion Johnstone and Brandon Quinn, whose subplots we can enjoy again. Available from February 4.

Inventing to Anna
Inventing to AnnaNetflix

One of the great bets of Netflix for February is nothing less than the second production of Shondaland for the platform, after the enormous success it had Bridgerton. ” class=”com-link” data-reactroot=””>Bridgerton. In this case, Shonda Rhimes gives a turn of the rudder for a proposal with another format (Inventing to Anna is a miniseries partially directed by the director of The Devil Wears Prada, David Frankel) and a far cry from the Regency period in the UK. In this bioseries we are going to meet a sharp portrait of a real case that shocked the New York elite between 2013 and 2017, when a young woman named Anna Delvey (Julia Garner of Ozark, again demonstrating her versatility), she pretended to be a millionaire heiress to be able to rub shoulders with businessmen and figures from the art world to create his own foundation despite not having a penny.

The case was investigated by journalist Jessica Pressler (who also works as a producer, and who is played by Anna Chlumsky), who captured it in her article How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People, fascinating read. Delvey, who was convicted of numerous charges in 2019, will be seen through a prism in this miniseries whose true story is so fascinating that it guarantees Rhimes’ production an addictive and fast-paced consumption of its nine episodes. Available from February 11.

big sky
big skyNetflix

Created, written and co-directed by Jorge Edelstein, big sky is an Argentine production aimed at a teenage audience that focuses on a group of friends who will seek, through various means, to save a hotel from bankruptcy that is no longer in its splendor stage and that is in the middle of the Argentine Delta. According to what was reported by the platform, fiction will combine various genres such as “mystery, romance and action” and will also feature “endearing musical moments.”

“big sky brings together childhood memories, family secrets and unforgettable moments in the middle of an exciting wakeboarding competition”, Netflix advanced on the fiction starring Pilar Pascual, Abril di Yorio, Víctor Varona, Thaís Rippel, Guido Messina, Luan Brum, Byron Barbieri, Francisco Bass and Agustín Pardella, among other actors. In the first preview, Pascual’s character, Steffi Navarro, reveals that the hotel is connected to her upbringing while reading a letter. “Big sky is much more to your father than a trophy. A very important part of your past is hidden there, but it is time for you to look for it”, is heard in the trailer about the details of a place that will bring the young woman more than one surprise. Available from February 16.

someone is lying
someone is lyingNetflix

The overwhelming success of the first novel by Karen M. McManus, published in 2017 and limited to the genre of youth literature, better known as young adult, took time to be adapted if we take into account the boom that the book implied, but last year it had its premiere in Peacock and this month it arrives on Netflix aspiring to be high among the preferences of the Argentine audience. The premise, for now, is irresistible, a mix of teenage drama with a whodunit, in eight dynamic chapters. “A school detention brings together five very different students. But a murder and many secrets will keep them together until the mystery is solved.” informs the platform about this thriller in which four popular classmates from the Bayview Institute are punished along with a fifth student, Simon, the creator of a group of gossip, who dies under suspicious circumstances.

Who is involved? What was the motive for the crime? What are the four possible authors hiding? Many of these questions will be quickly resolved in Erica Saleh’s fiction starring Annalisa Cochrane as Addy, Chibuikem Uche as Cooper, Marianly Tejada as Bronwyn, Cooper van Grootel as Nate, Barrett Carnahan as Jake, and Mark McKenna as Simon. Available from February 18.

Vikings: Valhalla
Vikings: Valhalla Screenshot

On September 25, 2021, over 100 stars and showrunners from around the world gathered at Tudum, a one-day virtual event filled with exclusive sneak peeks from Netflix, and the first images of Vikings: Valhalla were carefully saved for near the end of the presentation since it is, without a doubt, about one of the most anticipated series by fans of the original production that had six seasons. This sequel is set 100 years later and shows us a brand new generation of “legendary heroes who emerge to forge their destiny and change history,” according to Netflix. about the fiction that has as captain of the ship Michael Hirst, the creator of Vikings, who is now joined by Jeb Stuart as second showrunner and co-writer.

“I know the millions of fans around the world will be delighted with the faith shown by MGM and Netflix on our show. Jeb is a truly wonderful writer, will bring new stories and powerful visceral insight into some of the most famous Vikings.” Hirst said, thus increasing the anxiety for the premiere. Available from February 25.

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