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to the list of actresses, conductors and announcers who they denounced Fabián Gianola” class=”com-link” data-reactroot=””>they denounced Fabián Gianola or told uncomfortable experiences with the actor, Sabrina Artaza joined this afternoon. A) Yes it was revealed by his dad, the comedian Nito Artaza in a note with Intruders in the Show, for America TV.

Before putting the interview on the air, Santiago Vázquez, special envoy of the program to Mar del Plata, told behind the scenes of the interview. “It was the most surprising and shocking note we had so far, “he revealed. After explaining that they had gone to the theater for the testimony of Cecilia Milone, who had worked with Gianola, to ask her about her experience, she said that she appeared together with the actress Nito Artaza. “For now I prefer not to speak. I will be very angry because my daughter Sabrina was a victim of Gianola “, Vázquez said that the humorist told him. However, he later shared his opinion.

“I am going to talk to him personally. Three weeks ago, my daughter Sabrina, who is living in France, sent me a message on WhatsApp telling me: ´I want you to know first, dad, that I sent to all my classmates backstage that I also felt very uncomfortable working with him at the time`”. Later, Nito expressed: “I think these are issues that they must be resolved in court, they must not be allowed to pass”.

Other times.  Nito and Sabrina Artaza during their last season in Mar del Plata
Other times. Nito and Sabrina Artaza during their last season in Mar del PlataMauro V. Rizzi

Asked about what he felt when he heard his daughter’s testimony, Artaza was blunt: “I felt a lot of anger and indignation, because I told him that he should have told me.” Sabrina, about it, told him that she knew “place the men”. “You have to be accurate and go to justice. That’s why I I’m going to talk about it with my daughter and surely also personally with Gianola”, he continued. “I cannot say that it was harassment, but it had to be located permanently,” Artaza revealed, which Sabrina entrusted to him.

Vázquez, after the note, said that he exchanged messages with Sabrina Artaza after the note. “If true. I sent a message from WhatsApp to my co-workers and friends, as well as my dad, so they know how I felt at that moment. Although everyone already knows what he is like, but in any case so that we stop doing all the idiots and to give them the freedom to speak if someone asked them about this issue, “the actress replied. On the floor, moreover, they remembered that in backstage I also work Fabiola Yáñez, today first lady, another of the voices that was raised against Fabián Gianola.

after seeing the video that Fabián Gianola made public to defend himself of the accusations of harassment and sexual abuse, the actress Grisela Sánchez decided to go to court. It’s about the third complainant of the actor. In a telephone conversation with intrudersHe told how his experience was.

Griselda remembered that she worked together with Gianola in Very late, in the year 2007, when he had just left the house of Big Brother. “It was my first job after the reality show and the truth is that I was very happy,” she recalled. “I was looking at him. I used to like that very much Registered Television (at that time, led by Gianola), I was a fan of the program, “he reviewed, and said that when he told the actor he got angry, so he never spoke to him about it again.

When asked what the actor’s reprehensible attitudes were, Sánchez recalled: “The first It was the kisses, I kissed you on the corner of your mouth. The first few times I said `it was my impression`”. Later, he realized that it was something constant. He then detailed how Behind the set, Gianola passed by and touched her. “He did the old trick of the silly hand, and all the time with a gallant face as if he was doing you a favor,” he reviewed. “The most uncomfortable, the ugliest, the most humiliating thing is that he called me to pass lyrics in his dressing room while he was in his boxers, with his legs spread.” Regarding this situation, he clarified that he only did it to “flannel” because then he didn’t respect the lyrics.

“Beyond the discomfort and harassment, I lost my job and I needed it badly. I had to go from how uncomfortable I was”, recalled the actress. Not wanting to confront him, Sánchez avoided spending time with the actor, so he arrived just in time for the recordings. In addition, she explained that she was never able to talk to anyone from the production and that the rumor began to spread that she was irresponsible. “I felt unhappy,” he explained.

“At the time I told many people,” he explained, and said that one of those people was her husband, the renowned photographer José Cicala. “He supported me to make the complaint,” he added. Furthermore, he revealed that he was target of ridicule and aggression on social networks after going out to denounce the actor: “the bullying that I have had to eat on social networks saying ugly things to me for this.” “He would have to accept his guilt and take courses in gender perspective and therapy, because he has the reality straight,” he concluded.

Finally, on the floor of the America program was Fabián Tenca, Gianola’s current lawyer. “Fabián is very worried,” revealed the lawyer. In the first place, he referred to the change of time and how situations that were naturalized before, today they are no longer. In addition, he explained that he came to the case through a mutual friend with the actor, who did not hesitate for a minute to take it, and that he knows the cause completely.

About the video that Gianola recorded to defend himself Tenca explained that he believes that he did not offend anyone and that perhaps what was not right was that he did it during an event. “I would have advised him to do it in another area,” he said. In addition, he revealed that he does not rule out that later Gianola speaks with the press about the case.

Tenca was then asked about the testimony of Andrea Ghidone, who accused Gianola of changing the script of a play they shared to see her topless and kiss her. In this regard, he defended the actor again, treated the vedette as a liar again and ratified his position: that the script was never modified.

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