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The Premier League reveals that 80% of players are ‘fully vaccinated’ against Covid after 11 new positive cases are reported during the winter break

  • 92 per cent of club players and staff have had at least one Covid puncture
  • 80 per cent of players ‘fully vaccinated’ after receiving two doses
  • 11 positive coronavirus tests reported in latest round of testing this month
  • Only 1,947 Covid-19 tests administered due to mid-season player hiatus

The Premier League has announced that 92 per cent of the club’s players and staff are “in the process of being vaccinated” and four out of five players are “fully vaccinated”.

The league disclosed the figures by announcing 11 positive tests for coronavirus in its latest round of testing.

A statement read: ‘The Premier League can confirm today that between Monday 24th January and Sunday 30th January, 1,947 Covid-19 tests were administered to players and club staff. Of these, there were 11 new positive cases.

Defender Conor Coady received a Covid booster after Wolves played Chelsea last month

‘Overall test numbers are lower in this reporting period due to teams being out of training grounds as a result of the Premier League’s mid-season player break.

It is also guaranteed that 85 per cent of players have received one, two or three doses of vaccination against covid-19, with 92 per cent of players and club staff in the process of being vaccinated.

80 per cent of Premier League players have received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and are therefore classed as fully vaccinated under Government guidance.

Players who have received one or two doses should wait the appropriate period of time before receiving the second or booster shot.

“The league continues to work with clubs to encourage vaccination among players and club staff, as well as to promote the government’s public health vaccination messages.”

The Premier League continues to promote vaccination among players and club staff


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