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With 88% of the participation of registered workers ─72,000─ to cast their vote, Ricardo Aldana won the election as general secretary of the Petroleum Union of the Mexican Republic (STPRM) for the next two years.

On an election day that began at 12:01 a.m. and ended at 7:00 p.m. on January 31, 2022, Aldana will represent the workers whom he promised to sue the management of Mexican oil the reactivation of the missing jobs and the fulfillment of the rights that are embodied in the collective bargaining agreement.

Until the closing of the edition, Carlos Maldonado, secretary of adjustments of the STPRM, reported that he had won the election by a wide margin in the voting; however, the total number of votes cast by the more than 63,000 workers of PEMEX who participated in the historic day held after two years in which the union organization was left without a leader.

It should be remembered that this process included the participation of 25 candidates interested in representing the oil union, among whom the senator for Brunette, Cecilia Sánchez, who throughout the election day made complaints on social networks of acts of pressure and intimidation of workers when casting their vote.

In presenting your program of work, Aldana He stated that “it is based on four fundamental strategies and 12 lines of action. The main objective is to improve the quality of life of permanent workers, temporary workers, retirees, widows and their families”.

He stressed that the four lines of action are: to defend the collective bargaining agreement, to improve the quality of life of oil tankers and their families, to increase labor productivity and a new operating model for the office of the general secretary.

He also said “to defend the collective bargaining agreement with three lines: health, safety and employment, which are the primary concerns of all oil workers today.”

On the other hand, data from Federal Center for Conciliation and Labor Registration (CFCRL) revealed that 87 complaints and reports were filed since the beginning of the electoral process, of which 23 were registered on the day of the election; same that the labor authority will inform if they proceed or not in the next few days.

Labor specialists commented that the Remote Labor Voting System, used for the first time in a union election, represented a success, due to the high participation, since of the total number of affiliated workers, 88,000, 73% registered to receive their password, which it allowed him to cast his vote freely, personally, secretly.

To be a candidate for the general secretary, 4 requirements were imposed, according to the call of the oil union, to be an active member of the union, to be a plant worker, to have a minimum seniority of 10 years and to be at least 25 years old.

Prior to informing the result, through social networks the workers of section 48 in Azcapotzalco, Mexico City, were prepared with tables and chairs in a large room to receive Ricardo Aldana, treasurer of the Union and involved in the Pemexgate case.

“They are already preparing to receive Ricardo Aldana with tables, chairs and a large banquet to welcome him to the new stage of oil unionism, the era of freedom of expression, non-discrimination and zero repression,” reads a message in social networks.


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