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Pedro Sanchez has added new support to try to unblock the final exam of the labor reform in the Congress of Deputies next Thursday. The announcement of More Country-Equo and Commitment to support the project of the vice president and minister Yolanda Diaz brings the Government closer to a sufficient majority to carry out the vote on the decree law without depending on the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) and the separatists of the Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC) and EH-Bildu.

In addition, the ‘yes’ of these three deputies facilitates the Government’s objective of rejecting the processing of the decree as a bill, thus closing the door to any possibility of changing the agreement reached with the CCOO and UGT unions and the CEOE employers’ association, key point for groups like Ciudadanos to give the accolade in the lower house to the project.

And it is that to the 154 votes that PSOE and United We Can add -one less, by not having replaced the seat of Alberto Rodriguez, disqualified after being condemned by the Supreme Court-, the Government has confirmed the vote in favor of Nueva Canarias and the Cantabrian Regionalist Party, with one deputy each, and also trusts in the support of the deputy from Teruel Exists.

The president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, speaks at the official opening of the VIII edition of the Hotusa Tourism Innovation Forum, at Eurostars Madrid Tower, on January 17, 2022, in Madrid, (Spain).  The meeting, which takes place days before the start of the Fitur 2022 tourism fair, brings together prominent personalities and entities from the world of tourism.  The event aims to carry out an analysis of the future challenges that this sector will have to face in order to recover the important economic and social role it had before the pandemic JANUARY 17, 2022;TOURISM;INNOVATION;INTERNATIONAL Eduardo Parra / Europa Press 1/17/2022

Likewise, Ciudadanos (9 deputies), Unión del Pueblo Navarro (2) and Canarian Coalition (1) have also transferred their willingness to support the decree law if there are no modifications and the agreement with the employer is respected and the main unions.

A total of 172 deputies, already including Más País-Equo (2) and Compromís (1), who could reach 176 if they confirm their support for the PDeCAT (4), who has not yet cleared his vote but who from the moment the reform was approved valued the agreement reached and was in favor of endorsing its validation without processing the decree as a bill. With all of them, an absolute majority of the Chamber is reached..

On the contrary, the PP (88 deputies), Vox (52) and Foro Asturias (1) have confirmed their rejection of the reform, as has Junts (4). They could be joined by Esquerra Republicana (13), EH-Bildu (5), CUP (2) and BNG (1), who have warned that they will vote against if the Government maintains its refusal to modify the reform agreed by employers and unions.

All those games add up 166 deputies that could rise to 167 with former Citizens deputy Pablo Cambronero, attached to the Mixed Group, already 173 with the PNV, a formation that has already said that without a legislative change that shields the regional agreements, its vote will be a ‘no’.

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