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The magazine Proceso, which is circulating this week, contains a report signed by Mathieu Tourliere, regarding alleged acts of corruption by former PAN senator Roberto Gil Zuarth. Regardless of what the journalist wrote about the meteoric political and business career of the person who was Felipe Calderón’s private secretary when he was in Los Vinos —sorry in Los Pinos— I would like to recall something of what I said in this space on April 9, 2012, when Josefina Vázquez Mota was a PAN candidate for the Presidency of the Republic and the aforementioned Gil Zuarth was the general coordinator of her campaign.

I titled the column “Josefina, chain of errors”. I wrote that despite the fact that the candidate was on the right, she had started her campaign on the wrong foot. I documented a lapse that he perpetrated at the beginning of his performance in Teziutlán, Puebla, where he expressed: “I am going to strengthen money laundering.” This was the beginning of a series of mistakes and stumbles that harmed the blue and white candidate.

That is why when Felipe Calderón asks —orders— his private secretary to coordinate the campaign of his party’s candidate, more than one of us thinks: Wow! Finally, someone is going to put order and defend the blue and white candidate from the boycott that Alejandra Sota has been doing to her from the presidential seat itself. Damn, Sota!

But the remedy turned out to be worse than the disease, the presidential envoy whom we believed —just for a while— would put things right; now we know, he had the Calderon slogan, according to the author of the report cited here, to sabotage “the PAN candidacy to promote Peña Nieto, according to various internal accusations.” Gil complied with the presidential order and at the same time he was well with the peñismo in whose mandate his personal fortune grew.

“Poor Josefina Vázquez Mota, so far from God and so close to the structure of the PAN” —I wrote in my column— in reference to what happened in the Blue Stadium the day of her inauguration as a candidate. The building looked full, however a lack of coordination of the work team under the orders of the aforementioned Gil Zuarth, caused people to leave the stands in such a way that the candidate gave an unfortunate protest before a small audience. (I commented that Josefina protested, in addition to being a candidate, for the absence of supporters that a traitor provoked).

poetic justice

Facundo Rosas was driving his truck fast and furious, perhaps because his former boss, Genaro García Luna, is being held in a New York jail, when an 84-year-old woman cut him off. As if we were in the six-year period 2006-2012 where he did not stop to bump into whoever he bumped into, he ran over the old woman who died immediately. The irresponsible driver was arrested by Citizen Security agents of Mexico City. Later they realized that the prisoner was a bill bird, a fugitive from justice, for which he was arrested by federal authorities and transferred to the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime (FEMDO) accused of being involved in the “Fast and Furious” operation. ” through which more than 2,500 firearms from the United States entered the country. One more crime committed by collaborators of Felipe Calderón without him, who now finds out what is happening in the 4T government and criticizes him, was aware of it.

With Calderón the paraphrased saying can be applied: “See the beer in someone else’s bar and never the brandy in your own”. Calderón’s oversights and preferences for certain characters make us say, parodying Don Ramón de Campoamor (1817-1901): “Nothing is true or a lie, everything depends on the flavor of the mezcal with which you rave.”


Honey, the shoes I liked are on sale in Liverpool until tomorrow.

Until tomorrow you rest.

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Mexican television writer. Known for having written the scripts for programs such as Ensalada de Locos, La carabina de Ambrosio, La Güereja and something else, El privilege de manda, among others.

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