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Given the unexpected resignation of Máximo Kirchner to the presidency of the Frente de Todos bloc for its differences with the principle of understanding with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), The opposition representatives were quick to describe the act as “irresponsible” and as the clear demonstration of a “fracture” that weakens the power of the Government, at a time of economic crisis and less than a day before the start of extraordinary sessions in the National Congress where the agreement with the IMF would be definitively discussed.

The president of the Civic Coalition and national deputy, Maximilian Ferraro, stated to THE NATION: “We hope that the ruling party is responsible and does not extreme positions, in the middle is Argentina and a very complex situation”. With a cautious attitude, he added that “We will be serious. We will act responsibly and we will run away from any “the worse the better” scenario.

In the same vein, his bench partner for the Pro Gerardo Milman He told this medium: “We do not have to interfere in the internal government party.” I consider that “It is clear that the Government has not finished settling its differences. It is a failed government joining water and oil to win the election and with that it is not enough to govern”, remarked the national deputy of Together for Change.

However, he recalled the failed resignation of the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro: “We will see if it is another feint like what happened with Wado de Pedro. But what weakens again is the President,” he concluded.

For his part, the national deputy of Avanza Libertad, Joseph Louis Espert, qualified What “irresponsible” to Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and her son, Máximo Kirchner, for their resignation. The national legislator agreed with this opinion, Hernan Lombardi (Pro). Through his Twitter account he exposed the same term, “irresponsible”, to point out the lack of coherence of one of the greatest referents of Kirchnerism.

“It is clear that there is a serious political crisis in the Front of All”, said the president of the block of national deputies of the UCR, Mario Negri. “We had been saying that there was a stunned silence on the part of hard-line Kirchnerism regarding the government’s agreement with the IMF. Today it is clear that there is a serious internal crisis within the Front of All that seems to be gaining gravity and volume”, commented the radical referent.

The president of the Interbloc of Senators of Together for Change, Alfredo Cornejo, joined the criticism for the resignation of Máximo and pointed against the Government: “They do not have a common program and they only came together to seize power. They stuck together to preserve it. This is the exposed fracture that I had been warning about for two years. Due to this lack of coincidences, they have done nothing but generate uncertainty since they have been in government”, he opined.

In the same sense, the president of the UCR Bloc spoke in the Upper House, Louis Naidenoff, who pointed out the weakness that this rupture generates for the president Alberto Fernandez. “A decision that increasingly weakens and isolates the President. Due to the factional struggle and electoral speculation, they do not measure the damage they are doing to Argentina at a time of enormous crisis,” he said in a Twitter post.

Another referent of the “hawks” of Pro, Fernando Iglesias, He joined the criticism with a series of tweets. “Huge lesson for Together for Change: the crowds that serve to win elections do not serve to govern”, he expressed in reference to the political unity of the Frente de Todos coalition. “These are internal and not those of Cambiemos!”, concluded the national deputy.

When asked about the consequences that this act could have on the signing of the agreement with the Fund, the national deputy, Fernando Sanchez, I think that “This can affect the negotiations” and that “they have agreed on issues that have to be seen if they can comply”.

“If in this context of crisis the ruling party does not know how to process its differences the opposition will have to have intelligence, temperance and more seriousness than ever”, reflected the national deputy for the Civic Coalition, John Manuel Lopez.

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