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Maintaining its commitment to the environment and Mexican families and aligning its business vision with sustainability strategies, not only operationally, but also in solutions and services, Rotoplas reaffirms its contribution to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). ) of the United Nations, mainly with SDG 6, referring to water and sanitation; as well as 9 on industry, innovation and infrastructure.

“We are part of the Global Compact and have participated in several of its programs such as Young Innovators for the SDGs, Target Gender Equality and Climate Ambition Accelerator, with the aim of meeting our public goals by 2025,” said José Luis Mantecón, VP of Sustainability and Human capital.

At Rotoplas they consider that their greatest achievement is to see how the actions they carry out change people’s lives, “we have had to see how communities can have access to water or modify their cleaning and hygiene habits, thanks to our storage systems, collection and purification of water, or with sanitation solutions in areas where there is no infrastructure, helping to prevent diseases”, added José Luis Mantecón.

The company has strengthened its service offering, constantly promoting a culture of caring for water through the treatment and reuse of water in the industrial and real estate sectors, improving the management of this natural resource and its return to the environment. Likewise, they contribute to changing water consumption habits to avoid single-use plastics through water purification from home or office and raise awareness about the quality of water in storage systems through maintenance and cleaning. suitable of them.

With the above, they have a future perspective that will be focused on the creation of value in 360 degrees, including sustainable growth, innovative solutions through digitalization and monitoring of the efficient use of water and promotion of the well-being of people, that is why which at the end of 2021 revealed the commitments they will have from now until 2025 in three major areas: Planet, economic benefit and people.

In the area of ​​the planet, their goal is to be a carbon neutral company by 2040, reduce the intensity of CO2 per ton of resin processed by 20% (scope 1 and scope 2) and increase purified water from 164,000 to 1.7 million cubic meters. through Rotoplas solutions (cumulatively).

In economic benefit, they will evaluate 100% of direct suppliers with ESG criteria and seek to achieve 80 points in customer satisfaction (composite NPS Score).

While in the area of ​​people, they intend to impact 1 million people with solutions that provide access to water and sanitation and increase the percentage of women in the workforce from 23% to 30%.

It should be noted that during 2021, the company invested more than 22 million pesos in social investment actions through collaborative work with more than 20 organizations, impacting 15,857 people.

In alliance with the UNDP, it carried out more than 200 activities for the availability of water, which included the installation of 63 rainwater harvesting systems with a capacity of 10,000 liters each, in the states of Campeche, Tabasco and Chiapas.

“Hand in hand with Harpic, and Un Kilo de Ayuda, we worked with the Mazahua Community with the aim of emphasizing establishing mechanisms that strengthen this population in the management of water, sanitation, hygiene, food production and local economies to have the greatest number of tools that allow families to face the pandemic and other general problems. In addition, Together Live was held, a virtual concert with a cause to collect funds that will help bring clean water to the most needy places in Mexico and ensure the sanitation of said resource”, highlighted the VP of Sustainability and Human Capital at Rotoplas.

Among the synergies that materialized is Fundación Merced in the A Flow Call, which aimed to support organizations with projects that contribute to guaranteeing access to water for human use, with the help of Rainwater Harvesting Systems (SCALL ).

Last year, the Rotoplas-FUNAM 2021 award was also launched by the UNAM Foundation, to promote and recognize research and innovation in the field of Water Treatment.

Additionally, as part of its Diversity and Inclusion strategy, the company, together with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), held an awareness talk on access to water and sanitation with a gender perspective, considering that more of 8 million people from indigenous or rural populations in Latin America lack this vital liquid in their homes.

“For this year we are focused on fulfilling our commitments, which will allow us to continue materializing our mission of bringing more and better water, hand in hand with our allies, because we are aware that in this great task we need the collaboration of others to generate more impact”, added José Luis Mantecón.

At Rotoplas, they appreciate the trust of their allies, who have believed in their programs, to bring this natural resource closer to those who need it most, improving the quality of life of people, as well as their environment.

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