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Italy has been hosting initiatives of houses for one euro in small towns from all over the country to try to repopulate these areas. There are not a few programs that offer a wide variety of options, in fact, the online portal ‘Casae1Euro’ has created an updated map indicating all the territories adhering to this initiative. From villages near big cities to others in remote places in the mountains or on the Italian islands. The options are adapted to users who can select the one they like the most and know all the details to make the request.

Now Airbnb has joined this initiative and they have announced on their platform the opportunity for a host moves to a town in Sicily for a full year. As indicated on their website, they are looking for someone with an adventurous spirit who is passionate about the world of hospitality. “The selected person will live for a year in a renovated Sicilian house, which they will share through our platform. In this way, they will join the small international community that has already settled in the town, a group of people who are passionate about culture and the rural lifestyle of Italy”, they explain.

Requirements for candidates

Their clear inspiration is the initiatives of houses for 1 euro that have become popular in Italy, so thanks to this house they want to join the international community that has already settled in the town in 2019. In addition, they will have to have great passion for nature, Italian culture and for contributing to the people of Sambuca di Siciliawhere the house is located. It is a small rural town about 80 kilometers south of Palermo where more than 6,000 inhabitants already live. In 2016 it was named the most beautiful village in all of Italy and its tradition is based on the grape harvest and the collection of olives.

As they point out, the selected person may be accompanied by a friend, partner or family, at most there can be two adults and two children in total. Beyond the number of people, there are other conditions to be able to apply and those interested may do so by answering the form available on its website.

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be available to move to Sambuca (Sicily)
  • Availability from June 30 this year
  • Have knowledge of English to be able to hold short conversations
  • Stay in the locality for at least three months. Their stay from that moment will depend both on the participant himself and on the agreements established with the municipality, and could last until 2024.
  • Share a private room in the Airbnb accommodation for at least 9 months
  • Attend to guests from all over the world who will come to the house.

Housing is one classic Italian semi-detached house located in the center of the village and which has been completely renovated by the Studio Didea architecture studio. It is a three-story building divided into three rooms, one of which is en-suite, two living rooms, a kitchen and a collective work space. “The selected person will be able to choose the bedroom that best suits their needs, and the other bedroom will be published on Airbnb.”

Likewise, the selected person will be able to combine their daily work with that of hosting the tourist accommodation, an activity for which they will be able to obtain remuneration generated by the vacation rental. Airbnb will also offer candidates a training program of Italian courses and four cooking classes with a local teacher. Likewise, the company will cover other expenses such as plane tickets and transportation, the rest of daily needs such as consumption, cleaning or supplies will have to be paid by the candidate.

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