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The name of Kiril Todorov came up again among the high command of Mexico, since it continues to be a stain that leaves Mexican sports in a bad light in international eyes. On this occasion, it was the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who asked “to investigate more” about Todorov and his time at the Mexican Swimming Federation (FMN), after years of complaints against him and a process that will be reactivated in March of this year.

Todorov was appointed president of the FMN on March 27, 2009 and in more than 10 years in office he was singled out for receiving more than 300 million pesos, although the real blow was received in September 2021, when the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) announced that he was linked to a process for the crime of embezzlement after diversion of millionaire amounts of money was detected, which were transferred from the sports organization to his personal accounts.

Public complaints about irregularities in Todorov’s mandate in the FMN have been made since 2017; In this regard, the FIU indicated that while his process is being carried out, the former leader of Bulgarian roots cannot leave the country. In addition, in March 2021, the Swimming Association of the state of Nuevo León had already requested the International Swimming Federation (FINA) to intervene in Mexico so that Todorov stop committing irregularities under the command of the FMN; Along with this request was added a letter, also addressed to FINA, containing more than 3,000 signatures from coaches, athletes and even parents.

In itself, Todorov has lived his trial in freedom as it is a non-serious crime, although the control judge in charge of his case ordered him not to leave the perimeter of the State and Mexico City and to present himself to sign every month before the Precautionary Measures Unit. A period of six months was also set for him to close the complementary investigation and determine whether or not he is responsible for the crime he is accused of.

With all this history on top of it, just on January 17, 2022, FINA decided to dismiss Kiril Todorov as president of the FMN and instead appointed a Reorganizing Commission to take charge of aquatic sports, in addition to calling elections to form a new Board of Directors.

“With immediate effect, the Reorganizing Commission will be in charge of all the daily operations of the FMN, will carry out the due and necessary reforms to the statute, and will organize and carry out a new election. This means that you are no longer recognized as the interim president of the FMN and all directors and members must resign immediately. We expect full and complete access to all offices operated by the FMN, as well as access to all files (electronic or otherwise),” FINA Executive Director Brent Nowicki wrote in the letter sent to Todorov earlier this year. .

Todorov’s trial will begin in March, while the term for the appointment of the Reorganization Commission requested by FINA may occur no later than six months later, but can be extended if necessary.

While that term arrives, the looks of important characters in Mexican aquatic sports, such as Fernando Platas and Nelson Vargas, continue on Todorov’s mismanagement; however, several were surprised that Conade itself, chaired by Ana Gabriela Guevara, gave its support to Todorov.

In a letter sent just 10 days after FINA disowned him, Conade wrote the main reason why he continues to recognize Todorov as president of the FMN: “In order not to affect swimming athletes in all modalities and update the information related to the situation of the Mexican Swimming Federation AC”. The document was signed by Adolfo Fierro, deputy director of the sport of CONADE.

The contradictions between FINA and CONADE leave Todorov in limbo regarding his position in the FMN, although that does not erase the stains on his investigative history. However, in the days prior to the Tokyo Olympic Games last summer, the athletes denounced abandonment by the FMN, reflecting the chaos experienced by its top leader.


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