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The National Electoral Institute (OTHER) concluded that despite the fact that 110,547 inconsistent signatures were presented, including those of deceased persons, citizens and organizations -related to Morena and the federal government- complied with 3.5% of valid records registered in the Nominal List of Electors in at least 17 entities to request the mandate revocation consultation.

During a session of General Council of the INE, the councilor Uuc-kib Espadas Ancona said that the promoters of the consultation of revocation of mandate they handed over records of deceased persons, “something unacceptable in a democracy”.

“An absolute detachment from the will of each of the people who have the right to participate in this process. It is not valid in a democracy”, he said, describing this behavior as instruments of fraud characteristic of the old regime.

The final report of the Executive Directorate of the Federal Register of Electors of the INE on validation of support signatures, mentioned that as a result of the verification of citizen data, a total of 110,547 supports were identified with some type of inconsistency in the registration situation, of which almost 50,000 correspond to people discharged of the Nominal List (17,776 by death and 704 prisoners). Furthermore, when visiting people, government officials OTHER found that 161 said they had not authorized the use of their data for this exercise.

the counselor Ciro Murayama He said that the 110,547 inconsistencies represent fraud with foreign documents, simulation of support and impersonation of wills. He stressed that these behaviors must be investigated to impose administrative and even criminal sanctions for altering the nominal list.

Like the counselor Roberto Ruiz, Murayama Rendón considered that in the face of these revelations of inconsistencies, attacks on the OTHER.

“We are facing the old practice of the rogue, who after giving the blow shouts thief at the thief. The INE is attacked for defending its autonomy and democracy as the only legitimate game in the dispute over political power”, he stated.

The report of OTHER pointed out that citizens and the civil association “Let Democracy Follow” (linked to Morena and the federal government) delivered 9 million 759,922 signatures in written or digital media, of which 7 million 325,638 were validated and 2 million 434,284 signatures remained pending.

“In conclusion, the number of supports received for carrying out the mandate revocation process is greater than the 3% established in article 35, section IX, numeral 1 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States; and in article 7 of the Federal Law for the Revocation of Mandate, both with respect to the entire Nominal List of Electors at the national level, and with respect to the seventeen states that should at least comply with that percentage, in accordance with the figures indicated in this report,” the report stated.

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