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After the high inflationary levels of last year, 2022 began with a considerable rise in the cost of the basic food basket in Mexico City, particularly in supermarkets.

According to the report on the Follow-up of the Basic Basket of the local Ministry of Economic Development (Sedeco), which considers 30 products, two price categories (low and high), as well as four supply channels within the city -stores self-service, markets on wheels, public markets and the Central de Abasto–, there are different inputs that had increases, such as romaine lettuce, green tomatoes, golden and starking apples.

Within the report, whose cutoff is January 24, the section on self-service stores stands out, since 24 of 30 products registered an annual increase in their prices.

For example, the lowest price of mixed oil in self-service stores was 28 pesos, while the maximum cost was 36.90 pesos; meanwhile, in 2021 the minimum was 23 pesos and the highest amount was 24.90 pesos.

The increase in the price of a kilo of Hass avocado stands out, which on January 24 of this year on supermarket shelves was between 68 and 69.90 pesos; while in 2021 the minimum price was 39.90 pesos and by far it was found at 46.90 pesos.

Other products that also presented considerable increases in their prices were the kilo of lemon, since in places like Chedraui the maximum price reached 62.90 pesos, while last year the highest cost in centers like La Comer was 22.40 pesos.

The kilo of maradol papaya went from 16.90 to 33.90 pesos; the Italian zucchini, from 12.70 to 28.50 pesos; the tomato salad, from 26.90 to 42.50 pesos; the kilo of tenmillo beef steak, from 144 to 184 pesos; the golden apple from 26.90 to 49.90 pesos and the starking apple from 22.90 to 39.90 pesos.

The kilo of green tomato in January of this year was sold at a price of up to 59 pesos, while in 2021 it was around between 15.70 and 22.90 pesos; The same thing happened with cucumber, which went from being sold per kilo at 13.90 pesos to 21.50 pesos (minimum prices).

Despite this situation, supermarkets recorded falling prices, such as ground beef, which went from 149 to 102 pesos per kilo (lower prices).

public markets

Public markets in Mexico City presented inflationary effects, but with less impact than supermarkets.

For example, of the 30 products that the index evaluates, 11 increased their minimum price, such as the kilo of beef tenderloin steak, from 160 to 170, the starking apple from 30 to 35 pesos and the medium orange from 12 to 15 pesos.

The most notable increase was the kilo of lemon, because in 2021 the cost was at least 20 pesos, while in 2022 the cheapest price was 42 pesos, although there are markets that sold it for up to 55 pesos.

The country’s annual headline inflation stood at 7.13% in the first fortnight of 2022, spinning 21 fortnights outside the Bank of Mexico’s target (3% +/- 1 pp).

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