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Between protests, claims and infections, this is how the work of the second period of sessions of the first year of the LXV Legislature of the Union Congress.

Regardless of how threatening the Omicron variant has become for our country, this Tuesday the plenary hall of Saint Lazarus was packed with the physical presence of 281 deputies and deputies, as well as 78 senators and senators, during the General Congress session.

Shortly after, the president of the Political Coordination Board (Jucopo) of the Chamber of Deputies, Rubén Moreira, had revealed that at the beginning of the second legislative period there was a report that at least 50 deputies were infected with Covid-19This is without counting the advisers who could go through the same situation.

For this reason, Moreira defended that the ratification of the undersecretary of expenses of the Ministry of Finance, Juan Pablo de Botton Falcón, be in an express session in just 12 minutes, because the law establishes that his appointment should be face-to-face.

And it is that once said process was finished, most of the deputies were immediately sent to their homes or offices to later resume the session, but now in a blended manner.

Meanwhile, while the General Congress honored the flag, deputies and senators from Movimiento Ciudadano did not miss the opportunity to protest on the platform for the imprisonment of José Manuel del Río Virgen, technical secretary of the Political Coordination Board (Jucopo) of the Senate, who is accused of allegedly participating in a homicide.

There, they placed posters with a photograph of Del Río Virgen and phrases such as “Fuerza Del Río”, “Justice” and “Political prisoner”.

Already in a semi-presential session of the Chamber of Deputies, legislators from all parliamentary groups did the same by approving three opinions reforming the second paragraph of article 32 of the General Law on Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture, by which adds article 53 of the Regulatory Law of Article 5o. Constitution regarding the exercise of professions in Mexico City and by which a second paragraph is added to article 40 of the General Law of Women’s Access to a Life Free of Violence.

Likewise, they gave way to the presentation of initiatives and points of agreement, among which those of Deputy Paulina Rubio Fernández (PAN) stand out, who urgently asked the governor of Puebla to clarify his statements regarding journalists and human rights defenders. humans.

While in one of the most critical points of the discussion, the PAN deputies also called to clarify the links between the oil company -Baker Hughes-, PEMEX and José Ramón López Beltrán, son of the President of Mexico.

“The reality is that the hallmark of this government is hypocrisy, because while they talk about fighting corruption, the president’s son enjoys a good life given by the oil companies with which his father’s government works, the President.

“That government, on the one hand, talks about foreign companies that are plundering Mexicans with a discourse of false nationalism, while on the other hand they give millionaire contracts to companies related to their own relatives, their backs are given to the people of Mexico”, launched the deputy Cecilia Anunciación Patron Laviada, who was accompanied by several members of her bench in the gallery.

The point of agreement, which was sought outside of an urgent resolution, also asked the head of Pemex to render a report to the public on the agreements entered into with the company -Baker Hughes- regarding their date of execution, subject matter of the agreement and prices. of consideration, as well as making transparent and providing a report to the public regarding the purchase contracts made by Pemex from -Shell- of the -Deer Park- refinery in Houston.


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