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The flowers wither, the chocolates run out and the stuffed animals end up reducing the space in the room, and although they are nice details for this Day of Love and Friendship, there are other gift options that will surprise and provide financial security and peace.

Few days left until February 14, Valentine’s Day, and perhaps you are already reviewing what you will give to your partner, friend, friend or most beloved family member. If you have compared prices, you realized that a human-sized cuddly toy costs up to 999 pesos, depending on the establishment. To that we must add the bow, lunch or dinner and flowers.

The price of a bouquet of flowers ranges between 500 pesos and 4,000 pesos, but some exceed that value due to the number of roses, arrangements, shipments, among other factors. Although both stuffed animals, flowers and chocolates are nice details, their duration is limited.

For those same prices they could give protection and financial peace of mind to the person they love. For example, there is accident and illness insurance that costs less than 1,000 pesos, civil liability insurance for the car that is around 1,500 pesos, they can also give voluntary savings to the Afore account. We will tell you how to do it.

In addition, if the couple is bikers they can find insurance that will protect their bicycle in case of theft, if they like to practice extreme sports there is personal accident insurance focused on this type of activity.

There are also personal finance courses, such as savings, investments that cost from 2,000 pesos, moreover, there are free trainings of this type that could be taken together. Condusef has a diploma in financial education and another in insurance.

According to information from the Small Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Mexico City (Canacope), the minimum expenditure that people make for a Valentine’s Day gift is 100 pesos and a maximum of 5,000 pesos, while the average expense is 800 pesos.

A survey carried out by Canacope reported that flowers, stuffed animals, chocolates, perfumes and jewelry make up the top five gifts that Mexicans give the most on the Day of Love and Friendship.

For its part, the annual index Mastercard Love Index 2021, showed that Mexico is buying almost four times more gifts and experiences than ten years ago, including items, such as flowers where a 511% growth in expenses and traditional outlets is reported. to restaurants, with an increase of 261 percent.

Where to find financial protection gifts?

To find out the prices and types of products that could be a good gift this Day of Love and Friendship, you can start on the Condusef page, on the standardized basic insurance microsite (Resba), where insurance options are presented in medical expenses, accidents and illnesses, auto (civil liability) and life. They are insurance whose price ranges between 800 and 3,000 pesos per year. Once you have found the protection you want to give away, you can call the company from the phones that are made available on the microsite.

They can also search, compare and buy the insurance they plan to give away from the brokerage website. There you will find protection for personal accidents that costs 500 pesos per year and includes reimbursement of up to 50,000 pesos in medical expenses per accident, organic losses with 200,000 pesos and funeral expenses for the same amount.

If you want to give him voluntary savings in the Afore account, you can do it from the site, by generating a barcode reference and with this make contributions to the Afore account of the people you want.

In the case of bicycle insurance, these have coverage for medical expenses and compensation for accidents with insured sums of up to 25,000 pesos, theft of the bike inside and outside the home for up to 30,000 pesos and a deductible of 3,500 pesos, all this for a annual cost of 2,500 pesos in HIR Seguros.

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