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Queretaro, Qro. In Queretaro The first meeting of public procurement businesses will be launched, with the purpose of increasing the participation of small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) local in government supply chains.

It is expected that the state government, parastatal entities, municipal governments, as well as the Legislative and Judicial Powers of the state will participate as buyers in the platform. Suppliers will be companies that have completed a prior training process.

To materialize this initiative, a virtual platform will be generated, where companies will be able to register their profile, carry out a self-diagnosis to identify if they are capable of supplying the government; and where they can also register for a training course that they will take for free.

the secretary of Sustainable development (Sedesu), Marco Antonio del Prete Tercero, stressed that it will be the first business meeting of its kind in the country, anticipating that it will take place in April.

Before arriving at the meeting of sale, this initiative contemplates the accompaniment so that the businesses undertake, are formalized and grow as suppliers, he specified.

“It is an effort that will be the first of its kind at the national level (…) The Inter-American Public Procurement Network points out that due to their characteristics, MSMEs have real and potential participation in public works contracts of low or medium complexity, such as road works and construction (…) and as a supplier of goods and services”, he explained.

In a first stage, through the Mayor’s Office of the state, interested companies must accredit their requirements to be suppliers; During this period, they will also receive free training through organizations such as the Mexico Competitiveness Center (CCMX) and the Chain of Industry Suppliers in Mexico (Grass).

In the second phase – which will take place once the electoral ban has passed – the companies will enter a process to train as suppliers.

Then, starting on April 11, the state government will present its purchase requirements and a business meeting will be held in which various local agencies will participate, particularly the procurement areas. Then, the purchase lists and the offer of the suppliers registered in the program will be available.

Through this type of initiative, it is also intended to encourage the formality of companies and influence the economic recovery of the state, commented the governor, Mauricio Kuri González.

It is expected that through this program the participation of local companies will be strengthened as specialized suppliers that offer quality articles, commented the Senior Official, Mario Ramírez Retolaza.

Until the first quarter of 2021, the delegation Queretaro of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Canaco Servytur) identified that of the 20,000 associated businesses, only 30% had participated in government tenders, by offering professional services, product marketing, tourism services, among others.

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