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Vicente Viloni made a profound reflection on the issue that has been on the public agenda since Wednesday. The fighter turned to Twitter to comment on the case that he described as the “poisoned cocaine” and, in a matter of minutes, became a trend for touching the subject in such a crude way and addressing young people with a strong message.

Until this Wednesday night, according to official sources, the death toll for intoxication due to the adulterated drug in several hospitals in the Conurbano had risen to 20 people. Today in the morning, the number of boarding schools rose to 49 in medical centers in San Martín, Tres de Febrero, Tigre, General Rodríguez, Moreno, Morón, Ituzaingó, Hurlingham, San Isidro and Vicente López, as he learned THE NATION. In addition, in a series of raids carried out in the early hours of the morning, 15,000 doses of cocaine were seized of similar characteristics to the lethal drug that caused the death of twenty people.

The issue not only alerted the police and health authorities of the province of Buenos Aires, but also all Internet users who referred to the situation on social networks. One of them was the wrestler Vicente Viloni, who he was very upset by what is happening and in a matter of hours his name went viral on Twitter.

The fighter expressed himself on the subject of poisoned cocaine on Twitter and became a trend
The fighter expressed himself on the subject of poisoned cocaine on Twitter and became a trendTwitter

Adulterated or not, cocaine kills you fast. At some point it happens to you values, “said the idol of 100% Fight. In that sense, he sent a message to those who read it on that social network. “Healthy life friends, always”, recommended in his comment to which he added some emojis symbolizing “strength”.

In less than 24 hours, the tweet exceeded 52 thousand likes and the 7 thousand retweets. Below the post, Dozens of Internet users not only agreed with the fighter, but also remembered the old days of his days about the ring.

The fighter received dozens of comments from his followers on Twitter
The fighter received dozens of comments from his followers on TwitterInstagram Vicente Viloni

“Great advice from my childhood idol. Great Vincent”; “Always with the Viloni people. You are number 1″; “My idol, always on the right side”; “You are everything that is good”; “How I love you, Viloni. You are the greatest there is. You are a great example”; “Yes, you’re right; but it was not adulterated, it was poisoned”; “Yes, sir, it is like that, I share in everything. Do not consume, and that way you will not die”; “Thank you crazy, look at the message you throw. You are the only sane one left”, were just some of the messages left by his followers.

In the middle of last year, Viloni received THE NATION in his house where he talked about his sports present and his business facet frustrated by Covid-19. As revealed, the last time he had fought had been in February 2020, a month before it was decreed the coronavirus pandemic that plagues the world since March of that year.

On that occasion, the idol of 100% Fight told that In 2012 they were told that the program that was then broadcast on Telefe was no longer going to be part of the channel’s grid. In September 2013 the cycle completely disappeared from the ball channel.

Since then, began his stage as an independent fighter. “I started fighting for comrades like Titus Moran, Dirt The Ivanoff the gypsy [a quien conocía de su paso por Titanes en el ring]. With Wash Tutu we put together a troupe called extreme fight. We were in a channel in La Plata for almost a year, and I also had a hairdresser [La nave mágica]”, he revealed.

Vicente Viloni in one of his television appearances
Vicente Viloni in one of his television appearances

In this latest endeavor, he argued, was in charge of the reception, but they had to close it when the pandemic hit due to the high costs they had to bear in the midst of the strict quarantine. Months before, more precisely in September 2019, had opened a gym Along with a cousin in Sociedad de Fomento and Barrio Uno de Ezeiza, in front of the AFA premises, but the strict sanitary protocols for this item made them slam the door on several occasions in this undertaking. What’s more, During the Covid-19 several tours of various countries in the world were frustrated, which he is resuming little by little.

Within the independent circuit, Viloni is primarily known for promotions such as Imperio Lucha Libre, Lucha Extrema and X Siempre Lucha.. He also became famous under the ring name Mr. Moto (IV) in the last season that aired on Titans in the Ring (Channel 9) in 2001. Among his greatest achievements, it stands out having been four times champion of 100% Fight and consecrate himself once champion 100% Lucha de Master Catch.

The idols in action: Vicente Viloni and La Masa, against one of the villains
The idols in action: Vicente Viloni and La Masa, against one of the villains

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