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A Gary Harris trade appears to be becoming more and more inevitable as the days go by and the NBA trade deadline approaches. The Orlando Magic are a rebuilding team and have a plethora of shooting guards packing their backcourt. With Orlando wanting to focus on developing young talent like Cole Anthony and Jalen Suggs, Gary Harris has become a hot commodity. Even though he’s not what he once was, he’s shown glimpses of his old self this season, which is enough to tempt the right team to trade with the former Michigan State Spartan. Which teams would be the best fit for Harris? Without further ado, let’s find out.

Gary Harris Business Destinations | NBA Trade Deadline

denver nuggets

A reunion with the Nuggets would be a dream come true for many Denver fans. Trying to negotiate Harris’ contract would be a bit of a pain, but the Nuggets should have enough role players to make a potential Gary Harris trade work. Despite coming alive lately, the Nuggets could still use some perimeter defense. Even when it seemed like Harris’ offensive game was deserting him, his calling card was still blocking out the opposition’s best perimeter player. Considering Denver has fallen victim to the likes of Jordan Clarkson and Amir Coffey this season, Harris would be a perfect fit and give the Nuggets another defensive-minded player to help against the elite backcourt players and help prevent the role players get hot.

atlanta falcons

Atlanta is an interesting destination for a potential Gary Harris trade. Figuring out who Atlanta might want to give up can be tough, but a possible backcourt of Trae Young and Gary Harris would be wildly underrated. It would be a very balanced offense given what we know Young can do from long range while Harris makes up for his defensive shortcomings. It would also take the pressure off Young, so he can focus on what he does best, being an offensive giant.

Indiana Pacers

Given that the Pacers will be another busy team around the trade deadline, it makes sense that these two franchises could be in talks with each other. Indiana is willing to offer Myles Turner and Domantas Sabonis along with other quality role players for the right price. Now, this isn’t to say the Magic can sign Turner or a two-time All-Star like Sabonis, but the Magic could still get a good deal for someone else (perhaps Caris LeVert) by offering Harris and some other compensation. It would be hard for Gary to consider ending up in another rebuild situation, but this possible Gary Harris trade may be the only option the Orlando Magic will have when the NBA trade deadline hits.

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