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Monterey, NL. The government of New Lion issued a Declaration of Emergency due to drought in the entity, before the absence of rain that have caused a very low filling of the dams of tight hill Y Mouth, which do not have the minimum volume required to withstand the spring and summer months.

In the declaration, published this Wednesday, January 2, in the Official State Newspaper, it is explained that the sources of supply of the vital liquid have remained stressed due to the lack of rain.

All activities that by their nature warrant the excessive use of water. All preventive actions must be carried out to avoid the operation of hydraulic infrastructure, to help mitigate the effects of the lack of water”.

“Based on the results of the analyzes and opinions made by the National Water Comission (Conagua) and Water and Drainage Services of Monterrey, this is issued Declaration of Emergency due to the occurrence of drought, in accordance with what is expressed in the Considerations of this instrument and based on the provisions of article 63 of the Civil Protection Law of the state of Nuevo León, due to the fact that to this date there have been low volume levels in the Cerro Prieto Dam with 9.88%; the La Boca Dam with 25.28%, and the Dam the Knife with 53.98% of its storage capacity,” the document cites.

It is also highlighted that given the panorama that the state faces, it is urgent that the public, social and private sectors carry out joint actions to mitigate the effects of the Lack of drinking water.

Today we are facing a complicated situation in the state due to the little rain in the region, a situation that is not new, but that the younger generations had not faced; the lack of forceful actions in the past, (force to) work on finding solutions by forced marches”.

“This situation will pass, but we cannot do it alone, because if we are all part of the problem, we are also all part of the solution. Do it, save!” Juan Ignacio Barragan Villarreal, general director of Monterrey Water and Drainage Services, in a video released by the state government.

It is estimated that 15% of drinking water leaks and 6% of leaks in homes are combated, in addition to the fact that there is “huachicoleo” of water in risk areas, for which the Water and Drainage Services personnel must request support from the municipalities and the public force.

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