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After the legislative changes made to the donation regime at the end of 2020, which provided greater agility and security, the 2021 statistics confirmed the consolidation of the real estate donation as an option increasingly chosen by citizens when planning family assets.

What has been said is reflected in the numbers that we have surveyed from the Colegio de Escribanos in the province of Buenos Aires and that show a increase of more than 100 percent in the accumulated of the last year.

Specifically, and according to the figures compiled, the statistics show that During 2021, 23,923 donations were made, while in all of 2020, 11,299 had been counted. This represented an accumulated growth of 111.73 percent from one year to the next, making clear the wide spread that this type of operation has had in our society.

When analyzing the values ​​of last December, it is noted that the 4,499 donations registered in said period were 78.53% more than those of November 2021, when 2,520 had been counted. But, in addition, in the year-on-year comparison it is evident that the numbers for December 2021 were 33.50% higher than those for the same month in 2020 (3,370 donations).

It is clear that a growth like the one observed can only be explained if we link it with the modifications made to the Civil and Commercial Code of the Nation by Law 27,587, approved on November 11, 2020. With this, the observability of titles from donations, which was in force until then, was set aside.

With those changes, the donation of real estate, which is carried out in a very simple and safe way before a notary, managed to consolidate itself and there is no doubt that it has become an increasingly chosen option by those who wish to organize the distribution of their assets and the family planning of their assets. It is noteworthy that There are no longer the obstacles that made it difficult to sell a donated asset and that made the granting of mortgage loans practically impossible.

We recommend that citizens go to the notary’s offices and make all inquiries about this legal figure, increasingly used, which allows the distribution of goods to be organized in a planned manner. It is worth reaffirming once again our commitment as notaries to provide legal security in the notarial intervention and accompany citizens in every important action that they must take and that affects their assets, their family or their person.

President of the College of Notaries of the Province of Buenos Aires

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