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On Tuesday, February 1, the New Moon occurred in Aquarius, air energy that brings movement of unexpected, new, vital things. We have three air signs in the zodiac: Gemini, which is related to communication, then Libra, which is the moment where we meet others and make friends, couples, partnerships and, finally, Aquarius comes to bring us new, revealing information that helps us take those turns that make us grow quantum.

We all have an Aquarian friend who always brings innovative ideas, extremely rare plans (those that make us think: “How did he come up with such a thing!”), but surely you loved joining in and you were even surprised to see yourself in that scene. And, as we usually share with you, even if you are not from Aquarius, we all have a little piece of this sign in our natal chart that invites us to resonate. This New Moon proposes us to plan and seed creative projects, encourage us to take leaps to unknown places and, despite feeling uncertainty about what is to come, continue to be motivated to continue advancing and create that life that we imagine, freer and without so many rules.

The new Moon is like having a blank check that you can complete with whatever you want. Along with the Moon and the Sun is Saturn, the planet that collaborates to bring to earth and really achieve those things we want. In turn, Saturn dialogues with Uranus and, although we feel a certain tension, between them they make us really think about what we want to keep in our lives and what we let go. In this tension there is also a melancholy of letting go of old structures and possibly resisting changes.. The key is that we accept the changes that are here to stay, welcome them and not resist them. This allows the process to be lighter and also allows the destination to surprise us. Thinking that we can control all the variables takes away our flexibility.

Mercury leaves retrograde on Friday, February 4, so you can now sign contracts and confirm projects that were delayed. Internal communication with yourself and external communication becomes more fluid. One detail that is not minor is that Mercury is in conjunction with Pluto, the planet of transformation, so we will be on the radar of sharp intuition with the possibility that information will appear or emerge about some hidden secret or about some piece that was missing in order to understand what is what was happening to you.

Finally, on that same day, Neptune and the Moon will be united in Pisces, so I invite you to find moments to relax, connect with art, write a poem, take a walk in a park, meditate or do yoga. Heaven gives us this beautiful breath to be able to connect with our interior and also, in this way, process, integrate and continue preparing for this beautiful year that is just beginning.

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