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Natalia Oreiro surprised his more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram when shared photos that when she was a child. Although he gained international fame after making his way into the world of acting with Angry doll The You’re my life, it is evident that the Uruguayan -and now a Russian citizen- has an artistic talent from a very young age. The actress not only published postcards from her childhood, but also revealed a tender detail of that stage of his life.

In the two stories that were uploaded to the social network, the singer could be seen with a long-sleeved dress and an apron. Braided hair and a long light blue bow on top of her head completed the costume along with a pink pearl necklace, and makeup on her cheeks and mouth.

Natalia Oreiro shared photos of her childhood (Credit: Instagram/@soynataliaoreiro)
Natalia Oreiro shared photos of her childhood (Credit: Instagram/@soynataliaoreiro)

“And those cheeks?”, Oreiro asked next to the first image he published in his stories, while in the second he stated: “As a girl they always squeezed my cheeks”, trusted the actress next to the image, one of the ways in which adults used to greet children many years ago.

In this sense, a few days ago, Oreiro had already surprised his fans when he published a video on the occasion of the Merlin Atahuapla’s tenth birthday, her son as a result of her relationship with the musician, Ricardo Mollo. Contrary to other artists, the actress tries as much as possible to avoid exposing the child to the media.

Natalia Oreiro's tender post in honor of her son's birthday
Natalia Oreiro’s tender post in honor of her son’s birthdayinstagram @nataliaoreirosoy

However, Merlin’s ten year celebration seemed to be an exception and Natalia showed a compilation that shows her growth. The video starts with photos of him as a baby and then upa of his mom. He can then be seen standing with his eyes wide open as he stares into the camera, with the typical curiosity of a child discovering the world for the first time. In this way, it was captured how Atahualpa’s evolution was for a decade.

Your gaze is a voice, it is a song that covers my skin. It is the luck to shine on your light. Happy 10 years, spark of our lives”, he wrote, both in Spanish and Russian, a language according to his second nationality and that of his son. It was a verse from one of her husband’s songs.

The photo session on the beach that fell in love with his followers.  Fountain.  Instagram
The photo session on the beach that fell in love with his followers. Fountain. Instagram

On the other hand, days ago Oreiro once again revolutionized social networks when he posed with an extremely relaxed look, which generated all kinds of comments and compliments among his fans. In tune with a very famous melody lately on social networks, the singer wrote: “Simple and quiet on the beach, and you?”, expressed in a tone of irony.

On that occasion, Natalia wore a sand-colored dress and a black sash. The picture exceeded the 55.000 likes and had hundreds of comments applauding her beauty and enthusiasm. “Always goddess”, “Beautiful”, “Queen”, “A marvel”, were some of the expressions used by her followers.

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