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A Channing Tatum couldn’t be better. The successful actor, producer and businessman, who these days is in full promotion of Dog, his first film as a director, he has one of the most varied careers in Hollywood, a romance with one of its most brilliant stars -Zoë Kravitz- and a multiplicity of projects to come. But what Tatum, alma pater of the movies, doesn’t have. Magic Mike” class=”com-link” data-reactroot=””>Magic Mike and from the live shows stemming from them, it’s a Marvel movie. And, as he explained to the magazine Variety” class=”com-link” data-reactroot=””>Variety a few days ago, that absence makes him very sad. So much so that, unlike the majority of the world’s population, they cannot watch the superhero movies created by that studio. And all because around 2016 his own movie adapted from the comic Gambito it was wrecked before a single shot was filmed.

Tatum in a scene from the first Magic Mike
Tatum in a scene from the first Magic Mike

At that time, with the success of Magic Mike As collateral, Tatum and his creative partner Reid Carolin (is their partnership built on the fact that their first and last names seem interchangeable?), proposed to Marvel to develop and direct the Gambit movie when they hired the actor to do it. will star One of the most popular X-Men – briefly appearing in X-Men Origenes: Wolverine, where Taylor Kitsch played him due to Tatum’s schedule problems-, in the script written by the actor and his partner, the character wasted charm and personality. In the comics, Remy Etienne LeBeau, the superhero’s “civilian” name, not only has the ability to manipulate objects with his mental energy but is also a rarity among his peers.

Channing Tatum and Zoe Kravitz together in New York.  The couple has been the most coveted target of the paparazzi for months
Channing Tatum and Zoe Kravitz together in New York. The couple has been the most coveted target of the paparazzi for monthsThe Grosby Group

“Most superhero costumes are utilitarian: Batman has his belt. But Gambit is not interested in practicality, but in wearing the suit that was seen at the last fashion week in Paris. He wears what he thinks is cool because he loves fashion,” Tatum detailed in the note with Variety, where he also admitted that the studio, Fox, was not at all enthusiastic about him and Carolin directing it. But they, although they had never directed, insisted to the point of starting to work on the selection of actors and the search for locations in New Orleans, the character’s original city, where they also opened a production office. A considerable investment for Fox who was on the verge of monumental historical change.

As Tatum now recalls, his point of view on Gambit was similar to the one that, years later, would be applied to another of the mutant rebels: Deadpool, another character who was in danger of losing his chance of his own story due to disputes between Marvel and Fox.We wanted to make a movie that was a superhero romantic comedy. The premise was that the only thing harder than saving the world is making a love relationship work.”, Carolin explains in the Variety note, in which it is also said that all the plans of the enthusiastic duo were put on hold and then disintegrated when Disney bought the Fox studios in 2019. A corporate change of the many that occur in the industry audiovisual that for Tatum became a very personal disappointment.

The successful actor and producer was unable to bring his version of Gambit to the big screen
The successful actor and producer was unable to bring his version of Gambit to the big screenInstagram

I was traumatized when the project fell for good. I shut down my Marvel machinery. From that moment I could not see any of his films. I loved that character. It was all very sad. how to lose a friend”, exaggerates the actor, although he quickly admits that if he were offered the role he would love to play it, although now, wiser, he thinks he should not direct the hypothetical film.

Almost an invitation for Marvel to reconsider the entire project. And it wouldn’t hurt to do so. After all, with the two installments of Deadpool found that audiences are more than ready to see a superhero movie geared for mature audiences with a central character more graceful than noble. Perhaps now that the Marvel Cinematic Universe also has a television leg thanks to the Disney + and Star + platforms, the time has come to put Gambit at the center of the scene. And by the way, treat the phobia of the traumatized Tatum.

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