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Sometimes time seemed to stop, but Ramiro Ferreri always found something to occupy his hands. There, in Saladillo and since he was a child, every occasion was a good one to help his father, as well as at home, where he collaborated with great enthusiasm in the household chores. He was still almost a child when he was employed in one of the restaurants in his small town, first as a dishwasher, then waiter and bar assistant.

While he was working he saw his friends go out, but he didn’t resent that, it was what he chose and knew how to do: “These were beautiful and extremely enriching times,” he recalls. “For me it was a pleasure to receive the suppliers, clean, assemble all the sets of the bar, load the refrigerators and much more”.

Ramiro lived his childhood and adolescence in Saladillo.
Ramiro lived his childhood and adolescence in Saladillo.Code Baires

But despite the good times, Ramiro dreamed of Buenos Aires, the intriguing capital; he longed to stand out and demonstrate his abilities, his hospitable spirit, his self-taught instinct and his love for good cocktails.

“My father always told me that God is everywhere, but he attends in Buenos Aires”, counts between laughs. “In Saladillo I couldn’t explore everything it had to offer in the world of gastronomy, and the big city attracted me in a profound way.”

Along with his friends.
Along with his friends.

A very young and dreamy Ramiro packed a bag, said goodbye to his loved ones and left Saladillo behind. Throughout the journey he fantasized about another path, that of success, and Buenos Aires was waiting for him to make it a reality.

Everything, absolutely everything about Buenos Aires impacted him. Ramiro could not get out of his astonishment at seeing so many people together, as he had never seen in his life, all strangers! However, it was the endless number of businesses, bars, restaurants that amazed him to the extreme: “I found myself in another world.”

Soon the circuit opened its doors and began working at Crobar, Opera Bay and Club Araoz. However, it was La Cigale, a mythical French space in those early years of the new millennium, that brought him closer to the first classic bar experience. There he trained as bartender to give his meteoric career an official start.

Ramiro had good mentors who accompanied him on his way.
Ramiro had good mentors who accompanied him on his way.

Another big change came with CUK 3: “a catering that made cutting-edge gastronomy and tried to be the first kitchen laboratory in South America.” The eyes fell on Ramiro, a hard worker and self-taught, attitude that quickly brought him closer to influential people in the field, such as the renowned Ludovico De Biaggi, who introduced him to places and ways of performing that changed his perspective.

“It took me to avant-garde spaces well above average,” reveals Ramiro. “I incorporated everything and learned in a dynamic and organic way, I remember that I stayed after hours talking about drinks, cocktails, service dynamics, ways of working. That on a personal and professional level made me grow. And I joined, without realizing it, a paradigm shift at that time.

From the beginning, Ramiro stood out for being self-taught and very professional.
From the beginning, Ramiro stood out for being self-taught and very professional.

For Ramiro, everything he had learned had to have a greater meaning, that was how he was and that was what he wanted. As a consequence of that incredible network that he had created, the young man took courage and decided create your own company: RF.

Together with his partner, Jorge Tillería, his idea was to replicate the world of sophisticated cocktails, avant-garde, and take it to events in a bar format, with its elaborate bar, fine glassware, and the appropriate staging, away from the feeling of a passing space: “Always giving priority to hospitality and professional service,” he says. . “They told me it was impossible, but together we did everything to make it happen.”

Ramiro Ferreri.
Ramiro Ferreri.RF

The first important client came a bit by chance. He was the owner of a well-known clothing brand and Ramiro had introduced him to a friend so they could talk about potential work projects. “His wife appeared in the talk, she said in passing that they were going to get married and I slipped that she had a company that covered weddings and she liked the idea,” says Ramiro. “I told them it would be my first solo event, I assured them it would be exceptional and they bet on me.”

That wedding became an unforgettable evening and the first success story of the young man from Saladillo.

Ramiro sets up sophisticated bars for events where elegance prevails.
Ramiro sets up sophisticated bars for events where elegance prevails.RF

Over time, his venture attracted the attention of various celebrities on the Argentine scene, who began to circulate frequently in Ramiro’s life. But he will never forget the first time he met a recognized figure, back in 2007.

“It was at the Sabina or Serrat recital in River. When everyone went to see the show, I was ordering the bar and then Cerati appeared to order a glass of coke and my interaction was: `Should I serve it with ice?´, `Is it cold?´, he asked me, `Not so much´, `Well, with ice´. I called my mother the other day, excited, and told her that I had met Cerati”.

Perhaps that way of being of Ramiro, fluid, casual, was part of the key to his success. It inspired comfort, aligned with the desire of those who, no matter how famous they were, wanted to live a relaxed moment of relaxed fun.

On the other hand, the experience of setting up a bar at an event, with the staging, the professionalism of the bartenders, creativity and hospitality, was not something very seen at that time: “That’s why I think it expanded,” says Ramiro. “It was key to retain professionals, which led us to attract other types of older clients, such as prestigious hotels and celebrity events.”

“I work with outstanding clients who are very meticulous with their private lives and excellent hosts, the important thing for me was always to make them feel comfortable and to be an accomplice in their celebration. From a private party in Barrio Parque with the Rolling Stones, an intimate dinner at Tinelli’s, to organizing all the bars of Messi’s wedding, celebrities or not, the role is always the same, understanding that one is in an atmosphere of relaxation, celebration and that what should prevail is hospitality “, continues Ramiro, who also had the opportunity to meet Susana Giménez, Mauricio Macri and Barack Obama, among other personalities.

Ramiro stands out for its elegance and sophistication.
Ramiro stands out for its elegance and sophistication.RF

“The celebrity that gave me the most pleasure was without a doubt Lionel Messi, for everything it represents, for being a lover of football, the national team and Barcelona. For his party I put together a selection with all those who, before RF, had been my guides and my support: I organized the Argentine selection of bartenders”, he says pleased.

Ramiro Ferreri remembers with pride and love his childhood and adolescence in Saladillo, his place of origin that gave him the first great teachings in his profession and life.

His path, punctuated by some coincidences, was above all a journey of work, effort and constant curiosity, but, above all, of passion, a fundamental ingredient to achieve success.

“For me, success is the blessing of being able to do what I like the most, what I love so much, together with the luck of being able to do it well and be recognized by clients and colleagues. I don’t think I will change the world because of what I do, but my world has changed in the extreme”, reflects Ramiro, who this February will launch RF in Montevideo, Carmelo Punta del Este and Colonia, and was chosen by the Bulldog brand as ambassador for Argentina.

“For me, success is the blessing of being able to do what I like the most, what I love so much, together with the luck of being able to do it well and be recognized by clients and colleagues.”RF

“I think they chose me because we have that history in common, that of going after dreams. My experience taught me that it is always worth dreaming, you always have to go forward, and that the prize is in doing it, in trying, in daring”, concludes.

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