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Within days of debuting with beware of dogs on the Buenos Aires billboard, Juan Gil Navarro passed through the living room of team flower and one of the program’s classics was animated: True or False. After recounting a small accident that he had days ago at a party due to alcohol, the actor underwent the famous game and told previously unpublished anecdotes.

“I sprained myself in the stupidest way, dancing at a party. He had taken a little. Do not drink gin if you are going to dance, “he recommended, between laughs, Gil Navarro as soon as he set foot in the studio. After talking about what happened, the host of the morning began the fun game with the first question. “Is it true that shortly before the Covid began, Juan traveled to Spain to offer an idea he had written about a pandemic and everyone found it too unlikely?” asked Florencia Peña, unable to believe what she was reading.

Juan Gil Navarro, about to premiere a new work, shared several amusing anecdotes
Juan Gil Navarro, about to premiere a new work, shared several amusing anecdotesRicardo Pristupluk – LA NACION

“Impressive the level of research they have done. It’s true”, replied the surprised actor before recounting the anecdote. “We had written a series with Lautaro Vilo and the idea had to do with revenge. I told them: ‘Imagine a revenge pandemic’ and they looked at me as if I was saying anything. And four months later a pandemic came, not revenge but good. It was like a premonition”, he launched.

The next question involved a very famous actress, with whom Navarro confessed to having been very much in love. “Is it true that Juan was in love with Araceli González and once he went into a lingerie business to get photos of her in her underwear?”, Peña shot again showing his astonishment. While the majority of the team voted “true”, the guest confirmed the information. It was the time of The Golden Rocket Gang. One lap I worked with her, I don’t know if I told her, but I couldn’t look her in the eye”, acknowledged who remembered that he used to ask for the gigantography of the actress in real size. “It was a bit daring,” he sentenced with shame.

Finally, the actor explained the reason why he was delayed by a soldier at a border with Hungary. “Is it true that at a Hungarian border crossing a soldier stopped his entire group and it was because he wanted Juan’s autograph?” “It’s true,” exclaimed Gil Navarro with a smile. “He knew me because there were several products that had traveled to Eastern Europe and then, going from the Czech Republic to Hungary, they went up to ask for our passports from all of us and it took me a while. I remember that the whole micro watched without understanding. Suddenly, A soldier came back speaking in German asking for an autograph. At that time there were no photos or cell phones”, he recalled, between laughs.

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