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L-Gante It does not stop adding emotions and good news in recent months. After rising to fame with his Cumbia 420, the singer gained popularity in the media, was the father of little Jamaica and currently lives an intense work schedule. In the middle of his tour of the Atlantic Coast, the artist took advantage of visit the house he builds in the Bicentennial neighborhood and was very enthusiastic about the project.

Through his social networks, the vocalist shared a video for his 4.5 million followers with all the progress of the construction. “The construction. Give him that there is little left”, he pointed out on his Instagram stories. In a brief panning, Valenzuela revealed that it has three floors and modern architecture. At the moment, it has a cement lining, in which you can see a large entrance, a balcony on the first floor, windows and wide spaces where your daughter can enjoy and play to her liking.

The house of L-Gante in General Rodríguez

“You want to, right?”, expressed the artist who last December was the target of criticism from some followers who they demanded his move to a wealthier place while the construction of his house was completed.

Away from negative feedback, the singer himself returned to his roots after the controversy and left a forceful phrase for those users who criticized him for living in a luxurious country. Grinning from ear to ear and flashing his necklaces and tattoos, L-Ghent put in the location where he was and wrote: “My home”.

They also made it clear that they have no plans to sell or rent the house and last December showed more details of the construction in their social networks. There he made it clear that in the garden there is something that is already ready: the pool.

Although a large pool was observed in the videos, what most caught the attention of his followers on Instagram was a particular detail: in the background you can read the motto “Cumbia 420″, referring to the music that is the singer’s trademark.

The pool of L-Gante in his home in General Rodríguez
The pool of L-Gante in his home in General RodríguezCapture

How is the country in which L-Ghent and his family live today

Towards the end of 2021 Tamara Bárez, a couple from L-Ghent, shared photos and videos for his million followers on Instagram. In them he commented that together with his family settled in a luxurious two-story house, with a swimming pool, barbecue, a large garden and private security. “My new neighborhood”, wrote about a postcard on the social network.

Until now, it was known that it was a private neighborhood, since The young woman focused on the chalets that surround her home, however, neither the name of the country nor the area in which it is located was revealed. Over the reasons for the unexpected move that took his followers by surprise, the 22-year-old revealed that the main reason was for the safety of her little daughter, Jamaica. The couple claimed that they were afraid of suffering a new robbery attempt, like the one that took place in that neighborhood.

The new neighborhood where L-Ghent and his family moved

Beyond her happiness at having moved to an exclusive neighborhood, Tamara was offended by the comment made by a follower in networks. The young woman shared a conversation from a criticism she received, which said: “Ah well, now they put botox on their lips and go to cool neighborhoods. For, where was humility?”, said the message.

Báez’s response was not long in coming, and she left a reflection for the people who follow her: “I wanted to read something like that. Can’t I move for my daughter’s safety? Can’t I do anything to myself because I’m a neighborhood girl? Do you know the meaning of the word ‘humility’?” he asked.

But, although he exposed the negative comments, he also showed that other special messages came to him, such as that of a neighbor: “We are neighbors, anything you need let me know”, a woman who lives near her property wrote Tamara.

Although many followers thought that the couple would settle in that house, both made it clear that their plans are to finish their three-story house in General Rodríguez and move there with the closeness of their family and lifelong friends.

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