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Everything indicated that this Sunday, like every Sunday, another dreaded night of expulsion was due to arrive in Masterchef Celebrity. Although it was not. Shortly after 10:30 p.m., and after the end of Around the world, Santiago del Moro started a new broadcast of the popular cooking reality show. But the surprise came, when faced with numerous absences due to the current wave of Covid-19, the rules of the game had to be rethought. And with seven players in the race, this Sunday it was all white aprons who had to cook.

The players in the race were Denise Dumas, Cathy Fulop, Paula Kablan, Mica Viciconte, Joaquín Levinton, María del Cerro Y Thomas Fonz. Once everyone was at their stations, German Martitegui He explained to them: “This week you are going to have a unique opportunity. Forget all the rules that applied until now. For a few days, absolutely everything changes. That is why we are putting an element into play, which until now was impossible.” Next, Damien Betular He added: “This week they will have to face different tests, all against all. The dynamic has one objective: that each one of you becomes a creditor of something brilliant. The worst dish of each night, will lose the opportunity to continue in the race. Because at the end of the week, there will be one or only one winner who will have a golden apron. Before everyone’s look of surprise, Donato de Santis He concluded: “Whoever gets the much-desired golden apron will win immunity for next week.”

Next, the contestants had to open the mystery box, in which they found different types of vegetables and meats. And after that, Donato commented: “Today you will have sixty minutes to prepare six cannelloni with sauce. As you can see there are three types of boxes, those that got meat or chicken will include that ingredient in the filling, and those that have vegetables will have to make the filling with those vegetables”. Finally, Betular assured: “Taking into account the prize they are competing for, we are going to demand a little more from them. The dough of these cannelloni is going to be Argentine style, this means with pancakes”. And although the participants were confident, in the course of the test the difficulty increased, when the jury asked them for an appetizer to accompany the dish.

At the time of the return, the first to pass was Viciconte, with his ricotta and chard cannelloni, but Tegui told him: “The sauce is thick, and I don’t like anything in the cannelloni. They let themselves be eaten, they are not ugly, but I think you can do more than that”. Levinton stated that he already saw himself “with the golden apron on”, and brought his “Carnelones: an ancestral mystery of flavor”, but the jury was not too convinced. Betular ruled on the filling: “I have no memory of a similar texture on my palate, not at all pleasant, things appear that I cannot decipher. Beyond the absence of sauce”.

Cathy Fulop proposed vegetable and ricotta cannelloni, but Donato made several observations: “This dough needs cooking, it lacked liquid. The filling has a hint of being something rich, it’s not bad, but it lacks to complete, and more sauce is needed”. Kablan opted for meat and chard cannelloni, and Tegui congratulated him: “I like the cannelloni, the thickness is good, the spinach and onion are perfect. The sauce worked out for you.” In her turn, Mery del Cerro disappointed the specialists, and Betular was lapidary: “The filling is a mixture of things, and this does not end up being a cannelloni, or a burrito, or a lasagna.”

Among the last dishes of the night, Denise Dumas was found. The host and actress’s chicken, corn and bacon cannelloni earned her praise from Martitegui, who told him: “The presentation is very nice, original, different, and the filling seems to me that perhaps a little cream would have been good.” Tomás Fonzi closed the tasting round, with mixed returns, because while Martitegui considered that the dish was not entirely successful, Donato assured that the filling was “extraordinary, juicy and moist”.

When the specialists gave their feedback, they announced that Kablan’s cannelloni had been the best of the night, followed by Fonzi’s. on the opposite sidewalk, Mery del Cerro was the first eliminated in the race for the golden apron.

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