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Pedro Troglio brought some peace of mind to San Lorenzo. El Ciclón was in bad shape, finishing second to last in the last tournament, but the team had a good preseason in terms of performance and results and generated expectations among the people. “We gained peace. I say that we gained peace to be able to work a month in the preseason. Because the friendlies are friendly, but if you lose them they start to question you, ”said the DT this Monday, who already throbs the debut of the Cyclone in the League Cup, which will be this Friday against banfield, In the south.

In an interview with “Lower Plateau”, a program hosted by Oscar Martínez on Radio Del Plata, the Barça coach referred to his debut: “Banfield is a tough, complicated team. He put together well. And on his court he gets stronger and has a good counterattack. We had a difficult start to the fixture, but well, We also bet that San Lorenzo will be a complicated team for the others”.

Troglio said he felt “happy” at the head of San Lorenzo. “I have been working continuously for 17 years. I am happy, happy. San Lorenzo is a great possibility and little by little we settle in. I never hesitated to come, it was a big step in my career. We’ll see how it goes and I’m excited, but I’m used to seeing how things turn out”.

Troglio generated a good working environment with the squad in San Lorenzo
Troglio generated a good working environment with the squad in San LorenzoSan Lorenzo Press

He knows that, no matter what happens, he will be evaluated based on the results: “In Gymnastics I reached the final of the Copa Argentina and eliminated River and Boca, leaving River and Boca behind. And three games into the following tournament I was fired. What is San Lorenzo’s goal in the 2022 League Cup? “Be among the top four in the area to fight for the title. Because later, if you qualify, you are three games away from being champion. And there in the mata-mata anything can happen”.

One of the teams with which Troglio rehearsed under a scheme 4-2-3-1 it was: Sebastian Torrico; Gonzalo Luján, Federico Gattoni, Cristian Zapata, Gabriel Rojas; Yeison Gordillo and Nicolás Fernández Mercau; Ezequiel Cerutti, Agustín Martegani, Ricardo Centurión; and Adam Bareiro.

Gino Peruzzi and Uvita Fernández are starters for the DT as right back (before Herrera’s departure to River) and center forward, respectively, but in the last practices they did differentiated work because they dragged some muscular discomfort.

And Nestor Ortigoza? Everything indicates that he will not always play. This is how Troglio explained it in low stall: “He is a very good player. Yes, I believe that when he comes in and plays 30 minutes, the course of the game changes. Either to reverse a result and attack or to maintain possession if you are winning. The idea is that he has this role, as was happening in the summer games. Sometimes he played, other times he entered but I take it into account, of course. Can you play 90 minutes? Yes, of course, but you also have to take care of experienced players because they can wear out with the environment”.

Nicolás Blandi left a good memory in San Lorenzo and could return
Nicolás Blandi left a good memory in San Lorenzo and could return

The coach said that he is still waiting for a No. 9: “It can be Gaich or Blandi. I am waiting for the definition. I don’t have a player with Gaich’s characteristics in the team, it’s a powerful variable, he would add” and added: “I made Blandi debut in the first division in Argentinos. It comes from an injury. If he gets well, it’s fine, I’m convinced he can add a lot to us”.

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