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In the lead up to the federal election, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been rocked by yet another scandal from within the LNP. Texts between Gladys Berejiklian and a member of the LNP.

And the Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce with Britney Higgins via a third party.

In messages uncovered by Peter Van Onsulen – Network 10’s political reporter, Scott Morrison is described as , “a horrible, horrible man”, “a complete psycho” and “a fraud”.

In a statement Gladys Berejiklian said

“I understand there has been some commentary concerning myself and the PM. I have no recollection of such messages. I also strongly believe he is the best person to lead our nation for years to come.”

In a revelation Sunday morning, the Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce said he has offered his resignation to Scott Morrison, however it was denied.

“It is common knowledge that in the past the Prime Minister and I had not always seen eye to eye.”

“But I have worked extremely closely with the Prime Minister over the last seven months since I returned to the role of Deputy Prime Minister; and the Prime Minister is a person of high integrity and honesty in what is possibly the most difficult job in the nation.”

In response, Mr Morrison said he had already accepted the apology.

This all comes as the latest news poll shows that Anthony Albanese is closing the gap on Scott Morrison, showing just a 2% difference in preferred PM.

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