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Having an official degree can open many doors for students when it comes to finding a well-paid job. Today there is a wide range of opportunities to continue training and learn a profession, from completing a university degree to completing a Vocational Training (FP) module. As indicated by the latest report Prepared by the CaixaBank Dualiza Vocational Training Observatory together with the Orkestra Basque Institute of Competitiveness, some of the available qualifications offer greater employability in the labor market.

Through this analysis, the conclusion is clear, “the higher the educational level, the less chance of becoming unemployed,” they point out. In fact, Higher Vocational Training graduates see how their chances of getting a job are similar to those of a university graduate. Likewise, those who studied an Intermediate Degree have more possibilities of working than those who only have a high school diploma. This report indicates that five out of every 10 graduates in intermediate degrees obtain a permanent contract, and the figure increases to six when they have a higher degree.

From mechanics to maintenance

This observatory has also pointed out some of the degrees with the highest employment rate and those for which professionals usually obtain salaries over 2,000 euros. This employability, however, varies greatly depending on the cycle studied, just as the salaries received also vary considerably. It is noteworthy that while permanent hiring reached 53.3% in Intermediate VET, in higher grade it stands at 58.6%. Let’s see which are the grades with the most students hired indefinitely:

Middle grades with the highest hiring

  • ​Mechanical manufacturing (62%)
  • IT and Communications (60.2%)
  • Transportation and vehicle maintenance (58.1%)
  • Installation and maintenance (57.7%)
Middle grades with less hiring

  • ​Physical activities and sports (37%)
  • Maritime-fishing activities (41%)
  • Image and sound (14.6%)
  • Physical-sports activities (13.5%)
Higher grades with higher hiring

  • IT and communications (74.8%)
  • Installation and maintenance (71.4%)
  • Mechanical manufacturing (68.1%)
Higher grades with less hiring

  • Building and civil works (44.9%)
  • Image and sound (46.5%)

In addition, the latter presents a high percentage of workers who must become self-employed or freelance. It should be noted that while 70% of graduates from degrees such as Mechanical Manufacturing are at high salary levels, only 8% of Personal Image graduates are at that level.

The degrees in Mechanical Manufacturing and Installation and Maintenance are those that can reach the fourth and fifth quintiles, that is, those with wages between 1,615 and 2,089 euros. While other professional families such as Personal Image, Commerce and Marketing, Image and Sound (57%), Graphic Arts and Sociocultural and Community Services tend to offer salaries of less than 1,093 euros.

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