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This week the growing quarter in Taurus invites us to overcome obstacles with patience and creativity as our great allies. Mercury is already back to its regular speed and the energy is moving faster. The tension between the old and the new makes itself felt.

This week your creativity, your intuition and your desire to grow make the best team of all! It begins with the focus fully placed on the professional, so take advantage of this energy to shape those projects that you waited so long to start.

When the week starts, Venus (your ruler) is glued to Mars to bring you that extra boost that suits you so well. Work non-stop to be able to finish studies, theses, schedule long trips and workshops that you have in the pipeline. Your related groups can help you.

This week invites you to express your deepest pains and resume your therapeutic processes. Take the opportunity to close pending family issues where there are shared resources.

Monday starts with great tension between letting go of the old and the responsible construction of the new. It is that discomfort that you lived all 2021 making itself present again! So it’s time to let go of old beliefs, even though we know it’s not your favorite thing to do.

This week I kept making decisions in pursuit of that new version of you, either with your partner or at work.. Uncertainty taught you many things, it’s time to put them into practice!

Now that Mercury (your ruler) has regained his normal speed It is time to capture that profound transformation that you have been gestating since January.

The week begins with Venus (your ruler) conjunct Mars (the god of war) in Capricorn. This union can awaken desires to beautify your home and enjoy your bed as part of your routine.

Mercury accompanies your ruler Pluto all week, giving your deepest wounds a voice of their own. Good time to identify the narratives that hurt you.

Until the middle of the week, the sextile of your ruler Jupiter, with Mars, Venus and Uranus brings you the much-needed fluidity to work focused and Take advantage of the energy to be able to reach your financial goals for this month and make the necessary changes in your routine to achieve it.

This week finds you building towards that new goal that will bring greater freedom into your life.. Of course, freedom can sound good and it can also mean letting go of old comfortable places that you have become accustomed to.

The week begins with a great tension between the Sun and Saturn in your sign with Uranus in Taurus pulling between your inexhaustible desire to live without ties and the responsibility of finally giving shape to your most beloved projects..

This week the energy accompanies your desire to cleanse those thoughts of victimization that do not let you move forward. Mercury has already recovered its usual speed – it is conjunct Pluto and sextile Neptune – and it is necessary to turn the page on those links that do not go any further.

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