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For a long time, the predominance of superhero movies in theaters has raised numerous criticisms from prestigious directors. One of them is Martin Scorsese, who, a few years ago, spoke out against Marvel saying that, more than films, they looked like “amusement parks”. Then, a wave of voices began against this genre that never ceased, and now that list of names that does not look favorably on these creations is added Steven Soderbergh.

The fruitful director of Traffic –who, these days, is presenting his film Whom– acknowledged that he would not feel comfortable being part of a movie franchise. Unlike other authors who enthusiastically agree to make a title with characters from Marvel The DC (as is the case with Sam Raimi, Jam Gunn The Chloe Zhao), Soderbergh is not interested in adding his gaze to that world; and in an interview, he explained what he considers to be the weakest point of those proposals.

Soderbergh is not attracted to superhero movies, because there is no place for sex scenes there.
Soderbergh is not attracted to superhero movies, because there is no place for sex scenes there. Reuters

In a chat with The Daily Beast, Soderbergh argued what happens to him in the face of fantastic stories or those that have heroes with extraordinary ingredients: “I am not a snob and, in no way, do I consider that to be at a lower level, but that it really it’s all about knowing which universe one occupies as a narrator. I am too earthbound to see myself in a universe in which Newtonian laws do not exist. I lack imagination in that sense. Because of that, my only foray into science fiction was essentially a character drama that took place in a spaceship” (referring to Polaris, released in 2002).

Later, and specifically with regard to superheroes, the director noted: “On the other hand, in understanding that world and writing or supervising the writing of the story and these characters, who are able to manipulate time, defy gravity and shoot lightning bolts from their fingers, you find the fact that no one is having sex. Nobody has sex!”

After detailing how strange that seems to him, he added: “I wouldn’t know what to tell people about how to behave in a world where that is not mentioned. In fantasy show universes, as far as I know, there usually aren’t a lot of people getting laid, Nor do they ask things like who pays these people, who they work for or how it is that what they do becomes a job.

(L to R): Ikaris (Richard Madden) and Sersi (Gemma Chan) in Marvel Studios' ETERNALS.  Photo: Sophie Mutevelian © Marvel Studios 2021. All rights reserved.
(L to R): Ikaris (Richard Madden) and Sersi (Gemma Chan) in Marvel Studios’ ETERNALS. Photo: Sophie Mutevelian © Marvel Studios 2021. All rights reserved.Sophie Mutevelian – Marvel Studios

When it comes to Marvel and DC adaptations, Steven Soderbergh has a strong argument. In the numerous superhero movies, the absence of intimate scenes is notable, something that is also reflected in the cinema mainstream in general (compared to what happened in the seventies, eighties or nineties). For that reason, Eternals It was a real surprise, given that it includes such a scene between a superhero and a superheroine. In that film, Sersi (Gemma Chan) and Ikaris (Richard Madden) have sexual intercourse, something that was of great significance in that film. On this point, in a note, Madden explained: “I simply saw that scene as part of the story of these two characters, who had a moment of intimacy. I never thought of it within the context of the Marvel universe, or even within Disney”.

In this way, Soderbergh’s criticism joins the list of authors who do not enjoy superhero movies. A few days ago it was Roland Emmerich the one who gave a lapidary look at what the success of these titles represents for the industry. “Marvel, DC Comics Y Star Wars have practically taken over and they’ve ruined our industry a bit, nobody does anything original anymore. Bold new movies should be made. I think actually Christopher Nolan he is the master at it. He’s someone who can make movies about whatever he wants. I have it a little more difficult, but I still have a big enough name to do it, especially when it comes to a disaster, “he said.

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