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In the jargon of reporters, the United States ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazar, was the victim of a chacaleo at the exit of his meeting with deputies last Thursday. There he declared that: “President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is right to say ‘we are going to make changes for the best of the people’. So this process that exists now has to be understood for its reasons”.

Ambassador Salazar is fluent in Spanish, but it is still a foreign language for him. And those words were more than enough for the unofficial spokesperson of the 4T to dedicate headlines such as: “Ken Salazar supported the electricity reform of President López Obrador”, or outright: “The United States supports the electricity reform”.

Others, with more journalistic care, attended to the extension of Ambassador Salazar’s statement that he himself published on the Twitter account @USAmbMex, already in English and with a translation, “Excellent meetings in the Chamber of Deputies on the great diversity of opportunities in the bilateral relationship #TwoNationsUnFuturo. Asked about energy reform, I shared our strong vision of a North America as a clean energy power.”

And above all, this Friday afternoon post by Ken Salazar, also in English and with a translation: “One of my priorities in Mexico is to see for US investors and companies so that there is a fair and equal floor. #USA respects the sovereignty of Mexico and trusts that Mexico will fulfill the commitments acquired under the #TMEC when considering changes to the energy sector”.

Nothing is further from reality than a boost from the Democratic government of the White House, through its ambassador, to López Obrador’s energy counter-reform. In fact, the United States government has made it clear that it causes “serious concerns.”

A flawed statement and a deliberate misinterpretation resulted in the “Very good Ken! of President López Obrador, which they intentionally use as if the United States had given its total, unconditional and even enthusiastic support to their legislative aberration.

The United States, through its ambassador, has the idea that it is still possible to find a middle way to improve the quality of energy and North American cooperation, in the understanding that legislation is dynamic, as Ambassador Salazar said .

It seems that the presidential baton was no longer aware of it, but a few hours after the statement and the first tweet, the ambassador himself posted that the United States and Mexico can create a clean energy plant in North America and that this week he is going to visit companies Americans, large wind and solar projects, to show their association with Mexico.

There is no doubt that the focus that the United States seeks in an eventual change to the energy laws is that there be association, respect for investments and privilege of clean energy.

Whoever reads the contrary in the words of the American diplomat will be making a mistake, due to incapacity or bad faith, and will be misunderstanding the message. Perhaps on those sensitive issues you should speak in your native language.

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Enrique Campos Suarez

Televisa News Anchor

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Degree in Communication Sciences from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, with a specialty in finance from the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico and a master’s degree in Journalism from the Anahuac University.

His professional career has been dedicated to different media. He is currently a columnist for the newspaper El Economista and news anchor on Televisa. He is the owner of the 2 pm news space on Foro TV.

He is a specialist in economic-financial issues with more than 25 years of experience as a commentator and host on radio and television. He has been part of companies such as Radio Programas de México, where he participated in VIP business radio. He was also part of the management and talent team of Radio Formula.

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