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Queensland Emergency Services Not Required To Be Vaccinated

The Queensland emergency services staff will not be required to receive the jab, QFES Commissioner Greg Leach decided.

The minister of fire and emergency services, Mark Ryan, said it was due to the decreasing amount of reported Covid-19 cases. He said that the rate of emergency services staff that was already vaccinated was high.

“Just because you don’t have a mandate, doesn’t mean people aren’t getting vaccinated.”

Vaccination is mandatory for all police and ambulance staff though, and this unfairness has raised concerns. People are calling for consistent rules to be applied across the range of all emergency service departments.

But the Government defends themselves, stating that “They’ve got the ability to socially distance in fire stations – There’s many reasons, ultimately it is up to the commissioner.”

Chief Health officer, Dr. John Gerrard, disputes against this decision. He thinks that “Everyone should be vaccinated. The fire service deals with the public and they should be vaccinated.”

“I think it’s a decision for the fire service.” He says.

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