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Youth raise funds for Odessa orphans – The Australian Jewish News

Eighty volunteers, mostly youth, gave they time last Sunday morning to raise funds via a Charidy call-a-thon for children in Ukraine.

More than $100,000 was raised on the day.

The fundraising event was an initiative of the Joint Australia, in collaboration with The Central Synagogue and the Australian Zionist Youth Council, who united to adopt a “sister community” in Odessa.

Every dollar raised is being immediately directed towards the urgent care and needs of 120 displaced Jewish children from the Mishpacha Orphanage of Odessa currently in Berlin, and also for the wider Jewish community within Ukraine.

“There was a strong sense of camaraderie in the Central ‘call centre’. All on donation duty took their roles seriously, recognising the huge impact each dollar will have during these dire and desperate times,” a spokesperson said.

“Some novice practiced calls to parents prior to dialling members and then confidently delivered their rationale for requests. All quickly found their rhythm and the overarching purpose added momentum and urgency.”

Youth from Hineni and Bnei Akiva and Kesser Torah College joined other young members of the community, along with parents.

The aim of the Charidy campaign is to raise $500,000 towards helping Jews in Ukraine by Pesach.

Donations can still be made at

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