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Anti-Jewish flag slur – The Australian Jewish News

AN anti-Jewish jibe at a United Australia Party rally in Canberra drew condemnation this week from the Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ).

Addressing the rally on the lawns of Parliament House on March 29, speaker Mark McMurtrie made a slur about the Union Jack, a component of Australia’s national flag, and claimed it has ties to Jews.

“I notice there’s a lot of people here today wandering around with the red and the blue flags. That piece of s**t that’s in the corner of that flag is the Union Jack, the union of Jacob, represents three … Hebrew tribal flags,” said McMurtrie.

“And if you’re worried about standing under the Jews and what they represent, that’s what you’re standing under when you carry that flag,” he said.

The rally was led by former Liberal MP Craig Kelly, who became the UAP’s leader last year. McMurtrie, who reportedly claims Indigenous heritage, is the leader of Original Sovereign Tribal Federation, an organisation monitored by NSW Police.

Indicating McMurtrie has a record of antisemitism, ECAJ research director Julie Nathan told The AJN, “It is astonishing and deeply concerning that people who have previously made grossly antisemitic statements in public appeared as speakers at a rally organised by the UAP, a political party which ​is represented in Parliament.

“Even worse, is that one of these speakers felt comfortable enough to spew forth an antisemitic conspiracy theory, and seemed to receive enthusiastic support from the crowd for it.”

Nathan countered a claim by Kelly who denied McMurtrie had been a speaker at the UAP rally, citing video footage and the UAP’s advertised time of the rally.

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