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“My entire career has been focused on sharing stories. I believe the more people share their stories, [the more] we see a glimpse of the world from their point of view, which may be different to our own.”

This is the idea behind Stories that Stir, an in-person event taking place every two months, created by comedian, professional speaker and PR agency owner, Monica Rosenfeld.

Rosenfeld, whose parents arrived in Australia as migrants from Romania in the sixties, started her media career in television, working as a producer for A Current Affair. Since then, she has dedicated her career to storytelling.

“I fell in love with storytelling myself when I started doing stand-up comedy and participating in storytelling events such as The Moth,” she told The AJN.

“I believe that [the] conflict we have in the world between people is due to fear. Fear of the unknown, and not knowing where the other person is coming from, so we make assumptions that justify our judgements about that particular race, culture, religion, gender and the list goes on.”

It’s this fear that Stories that Stir is working to overcome.

The first Stories that Stir, which occurred earlier this year, received incredible feedback. With the theme of love, the personal event achieved what Rosenfeld set out to do.

“Within the space of [a couple of] hours, audience members laughed, cried, squirmed and everything in between. People commented that they loved the feeling of connection in the room, that it was something they’ve missed over the past two years with COVID preventing us getting together in the flesh and sharing ideas and stories,” she said.

Stories that Stir presents six speakers who have 10 minutes to share a personal story around a central theme. The next event features an inspiring line-up of speakers who share their stories of this event’s theme, transformation.

“I think as humans we are always evolving and therefore are always undergoing transformation in some way, shape or form,” Rosenfeld explained, when asked why the theme was chosen. “In many cases, stories of transformation are very inspiring, as we listen to how others listened to their hearts and moved closer to living a life that is completely congruent with who they are.”

Speakers will share their experiences of losing loved ones, working in orphanages, dealing with conflicting religions and ideals, coming out, living as a trans woman, delivering goodness and more.

For Rosenfeld, and audiences, it will be an evening of human connection, inspiration and above all else, joy.

Stories that Stir – Transformation will take place at Art T Gallery, Thursday, April 28. For tickets:


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