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JCN hosts 40th climate conversation – The Australian Jewish News

The Jewish Climate Network (JCN) hosted its 40th climate conversation last week, an exciting milestone for the organisation that was founded only two years ago in late 2019.

Programs and Communications Coordinator at JCN Elinor Hasenfratz said, “I’m so proud to have reached our 40th conversation. It’s a testament to our community, we are curious, honest and are motivated by our Jewishness to act on this issue that affects us all.”

Hasenfratz said the conversations take place in a host’s private house, attended by friends and family. The conversations are facilitated by JCN volunteers who allow open and safe discussion about climate change and offer steps to take to make a real and meaningful difference.

She explained that the conversation puts the climate crises in context for the Jewish community while also emphasising how universal of an issue it is.

“We have people from all parts of our community hosting conversations, it’s so easy to do, and leads to amazing actions and connections. And at the end of the day, we can’t solve a problem if we don’t talk about it. And boy are we good at talking!” Hasenfratz said.

Before the conversation takes place, the host receives a guide from the JCN that assists them from start to finish with the set up, food and drink tips, timing and other ideas. The conversation goes for around two hours with question breaks, including time for discussion as well as the showing of a short video.

JCN facilitator Jeremy Wein said, “Facilitating with the JCN has shown me the power of conversation in creating a safe space for people to express their fears, desires, and hopes when it comes to climate.

“Exploring the topic with honesty and compassion, and addressing how a changing climate will affect our lives as Jews is hugely powerful. I am constantly inspired by how consistently participants are galvanised to take meaningful climate actions at the end of our conversations.”

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