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The JNF Blue Box has always represented hope and belief in an individual’s ability to contribute towards a better world.

This Pesach, the Blue Box continues to represent that hope.

Israel’s sustainable infrastructure, made possible through 120 years of donations from the Diaspora, has placed Israel in a position of strength, structurally and financially, enabling the country to absorb over 5000 Ukrainian refugees to date, send aid to Ukraine and establish a field hospital in Mostyska to treat war victims.

To this day, JNF continues to raise funds to develop Israel’s southern periphery, creating a flourishing environment for its residents.

Funds raised for JNF’s 2022 Pesach Blue Box campaign will be dedicated to Yerucham, a town that began as barren land in 1951 and is now a diverse and growing community of over 10,000 people.

Holocaust survivors from Romania, refugees from North Africa, Persia and India, and immigrants from the former Soviet Union have made Yerucham their home. The story of our land, just like Pesach, is a story of hope, freedom, and vision.

Blue Box donations will directly support the people of Yerucham. Development of the Yerucham Heritage Park will help grow their economy, empower their community and provide an important venue for ongoing educational and cultural events.

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