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Unknown to many, deep in the heart of Caulfield and surrounding suburbs, a network of beehives resides. Over the past few years, Chevra Honey has established a connection with bees in the immediate urban environment, managing hives carefully placed in safe locations.

Trees, shrubs and plants all need pollinating, and bees are a wonderful natural way to keep our trees and plants healthy and abundant. Luckily, a good bee colony will also produce beautiful local honey that is replete with the goodness from the blossoms and plantings that surround us.

Chevra Honey is not only harvested locally, but also filtered, jarred and distributed not five minutes from Glen Eira Town Hall. Also available are our other varieties of raw honey, including Orange Blossom, Yellow Box and Mallee Gold.

Another local delicacy we are proud to produce is Chevra’s organic blackberry jam, prepared using Victorian organic berries. Certified Kosher for Pesach, our blackberry jam is available with organic sugar, or in a sugar-free variety as a blend with our Orange Blossom honey, and absolutely delicious on matzah!

Take the opportunity to include our honey and jams in your yom tov, and have a safe and festive Pesach!

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