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New York-based Jewish acapella group Six13 have given us some excellent festival parodies in the past. Last Chanukah, they presented their take on West Side Story. They’ve also done The Lion King, Frozen, Uptown Funk and Bohemian Rhapsody.

And this year, they’re back with parodying fellow New Yorker Billy Joel’s songs.

They’ve turned Piano Man into Pharoah Man, We Didn’t Start the Fire is now G-d Set a Bush on Fire, and Scenes from an Italian Restaurant becomes Scenes from a Seder Night.

There are plenty of Pesach references (obviously). The video features matzah being played as a harmonica, a frog doll, excellent Pharoah hats, and even a goat.

The video is shot in New York City and some of the crooner’s favourite haunts feature, including Madison Square Garden, the subway and the famous New York stoops.

The lyrics fit so seamlessly, you may even find yourself replacing Joel’s songs with Pesach lines every time you sing them.



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