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Year 5 student enters Young Archies with striking piece – The Australian Jewish News

Nes Ospovat is entering the Young Archies this year with an arresting portrait, after being invited to apply for the national competition.

It’s an “unbelievable piece” for a 10-year-old, said her father Clive, speaking to The AJN together with Nes.

The painting by the year 5 student at Kesser Torah College, titled Hope, portrays Nes’s sister Rubi – with whom she shares a remarkable bond, despite the difficulties arising from the rare, severe genetic condition affecting Rubi.

Nes Ospovat’s entry, titled “Hope”

Students were asked to paint something that means something to them, Clive said, “and she chose Rubes, which is pretty cool. Nes is Rubi’s rock.”

“She’s very special to me … and I don’t think anyone else would do it … I thought it’d be fun to do,” said Nes.

For Nes, it was key to paint her sister as she was, right down to the number on her chest from a COVID vaccine appointment.

“The way she’s painstakingly taken time to do her wheelchair as well [is] … pretty intense,” said Clive.

Nes was measured about her prospects of winning, saying, “There’s only like 10 finalists, so it’s very rare” to place. Nes showed she has learned a lot in getting this far – not only about technique, but about persistence. She was “excited” at first to create the piece, only to discover “it didn’t turn out too well”; and spoke of her work of continually revising until “it turned out better”.

The judging is yet to take place, but Nes’s achievement in having created the painting is already being recognised around her school and community.

Nes gave credit to her family for their support, as well as the school, and her art teacher, Cyndi Rogoff of the local Rogoff Art School.



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